Intuition, also known as Prescience and sometimes referred to as the sixth sense, is when someone is highly aware of their surroundings. Usually, a person can sense when something is about to happen, before it does. Users can also anticipate the next move of their opponent.

This can be an extension of premonition or an ability of its own. It can also be a skill developed through experience.


Phoebe Halliwell[]

Phoebe Halliwell: "If you concentrate, you should be able to sense the next energy—"
Ronny: "Get down!"
Phoebe Halliwell: "That was very good."
— Phoebe teaching Ronny how to anticipate Zankou's Energy Ball.[src]

Premonition enables the user to see and experience events from the past, present, and future. This power is said to be highly desirable, since it often helps a witch evade dangerous situations. Intuition is a by-product of Premonition, allowing almost all users to sense and predict attacks.

Phoebe Halliwell has great intuition due to her Premonition power. Her intuitive powers are legendary within demonic circles, so much so that demons are hesitant to attack her and would much rather go after her sisters, Piper and Paige because they're less intuitive. Phoebe can sense and predict demonic attacks and has also stated that she could sense when an opponent would throw a fireball at her.

Phoebe is particularly skilled at anticipating her adversary's next attack during physical combat, even by surprise. For example, she was able to kill a demon and physically subdue the other demon successfully, Lantos, in a small elevator from an attack from behind. Lantos later commented to the demonic sorceress Imara that he was lucky to have escaped Phoebe as her intuitive powers are highly skilled. Phoebe is also sensitive to magical shifts in time, enough to know when time is being tampered with to incur deliberate repetitions, such as temporal loops, or when alternate timelines are being created.[1]

When Ronny obtained Phoebe's powers and was under attack from Zankou, she told him that if he concentrated, he should be able to sense the next energy ball from Zankou, which he did successfully, ducking out of the way just in time.[2]

Phoebe has used intuition to discern the truth in situations, allowing her to sense if someone is lying. She has also been able to sense the presence of living beings in her surroundings. Most notably, Phoebe was able to sense the presence of the Triad and Dumain at Magic School by picking up their demonic vibe. This also applies to being able to retain knowledge while not consciously aware as she was knocked out, but still remembered being a Blue Moon Beasts.[3]


"The problem is his powers go beyond the physical. Zankou has the gift of prescience as well. He anticipates where we'll be looking for him next."
Gamma explaining how Prescience works.[src]

Zankou had good intuition, as it allowed him to anticipate where his enemies would be looking for him next. He often used his power to sense if someone was around or on their way to him. For example, he could always sense whenever Leo was coming for him. He was also able to sense when the Charmed Ones were coming to the Underworld to set up an ambush, and when Kyra was alone at the manor so that he could kill her. For this reason, even the avatars deemed Zankou a significant threat to the Utopian existence they tried to effect even after it was established.

Paige Matthews[]

Paige being half-Whitelighter displayed some type of intuition reflecting her natural sensing power. She had chills every-time she walked by Gammill's creepy house. Around the time before the Titans were released, she mentioned having fiery dreams of war and chaos.[4] She also sensed that her charge Joanna's boyfriend was evil. He turned out to be Zankou. She was also able to sense that Billie and Christy were tricking her and her sisters—with astral projected doubles—during the Ultimate battle.

Natural Instincts[]

Paige: "My instincts haven't let me down yet."
Leo: "Your sisters have good instincts too."
— Paige wanting to follow her instincts and Leo giving her some advice.[src]

Some beings have a natural sixth sense for danger, often being developed through experience or intense magical power.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The psychic powers Empathy and Telepathy allow the user to read their enemies' emotions and thoughts respectively, allowing them to sense and avoid attacks, giving the users a form of intuition.
  • Paige, Wyatt, and Phoebe can all pick on evil vibes within an area. This is unique as Phoebe and Wyatt are more attracted to evil, while Paige being more volatile than a regular whitelighter seems more entuned with her instincts.
  • Prue seems to have an enhanced sense of intuition. During the time loop created by Tempus, the day continuously repeated. However Prue was able to sense something was off and eventually got a minor sense of deja vu. Prue had felt a chill just seconds before Shax attacked her and Piper.