"I also have no control over the will."
—A quote from Melody.[src]

The power to Inspire Creativity is a rare ability, bestowed only upon Muses. It is used to inspire creativity and evoke passion within their charges, altering their emotional state.


"Art isn't about perfection. It's about expression."
Melody, to Paige.[src]

This power works by easily making others feel a surge of inspiration to create something, such as speeches, music, artwork, poems, or simply ideas.

This power does not give the user control over others' will, as pointed out by a Muse named Melody.

The continued presence of a Muse can cause passion and inspiration to reach an uncontrollable boiling point. This would indicate that the presence of a Muse always inspires and that they can only direct the power, not turn it off.

While this power is effective in giving inspiration to others, people are capable of finding inspiration on their own if they can channel their passion and motivation.

Ring of Inspiration[]

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Charmed - 4x09 - Muse to My Ears Moment(5)

Devlin using the Ring of Inspiration to channel creativity in others.

The warlock Devlin was able to use the Ring of Inspiration (which worked by capturing Muses and channeling their powers) to inspire his entire faction to do his bidding. The ring was created by good magic to channel inspiration in times of need.

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Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.

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