Inherit the Witch is the 23rd book in the Charmed novel collection.

This novel takes place between Season 4 episodes "Womb Raider" and "Witch Way Now?".


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On this, a young girl's birthday hour,
we call upon her ancient power.
An ancient calling has been switched—
now, bring back magic to this witch!

As the Charmed Ones know, it's difficult to adjust to the idea of having powers and saving innocents – that's one of the reasons that their Grams bound their powers until the sisters were ready to receive them. In fact, many witch clans keep the powers of their young dormant until the recipient reaches a certain age.

In Juliana O'Farrell's clan, that age is thirteen – the exact age of her daughter, Lily. By the day after her thirteenth birthday, though, Lily's powers haven't manifested, and Juliana's worried that a demon may have stripped her daughter's magic. Enter the Halliwell sisters. But Lily's too much of a typical teen to welcome witch chaperones. She'd much rather sneak out to hang with her rebellious friend, Drew. Could Drew's bad behavior be related to Lily's missing magic? It's going to take the Power of Three to get to the bottom of this adolescent angst!




  • Juliana O'Farrell: A Firestarter witch who comes out of hiding to ask for help from the Charmed Ones. It was said that when her family discovered her power of firestarting, she was the strongest witch in the O'Farrell clan in ages.
  • Gortag: An extremely powerful demon who has hunted the O'Farrell witches for centuries as it was prophesied that only a mother-daughter combination of this family line could vanquish him.
  • Lily O'Farrell: Juliana's daughter, an O'Farrell witch whose Wiccan powers have gone MIA.
  • Drew Elson: Lily's best friend who somehow intercepted Lily's power of Shapeshifting. Or maybe there's more to her than meets the eye.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Elson: Drew's adoptive parents. Both are clan-goid demons, who switched Lily and Drew at birth to feed on Drew's negative energy when she came into her gifts. Their powers involved Shimmering.
  • O'Farrell Matriarch: The matriarch summoned by the Power of Three to perform the ritual to swap powers between Lily and Drew. However, she refused, because she sensed Drew was of her bloodline and therefore the rightful owner of her powers.


  • Aunt Romie: Juliana's aunt who supposedly had Telepathy.
  • Mr. O'Farrell: Juliana's father, who, according to Lily's belief, had the power of Projective Levitation, but according to Juliana, his actual power was a weak form of Telekinesis
  • Juliana's siblings: Juliana had seven siblings before they were all killed off by Gortag. Her last brother cast a Cloaking spell to conceal Juliana and Drew from Gortag before he died.
  • The Elders: Whitelighters on higher positions. Juliana renounced her allegiance to the Elders when her entire family died, as her Whitelighter only saved her rather than any of her family.
  • Cole Turner: Phoebe's ex-husband. He was indirectly mentioned.
  • Shane: Paige's ex-boyfriend.
  • Prue Halliwell: The eldest Charmed One who died at the hands of Shax. She had the powers of Telekinesis and Astral Projection.

Magical Notes[]


To Seek Divine Solace[]

Form a circle with crushed rowan leaves around the witch. Then chant the following:
Mother Earth, heed me,
In this hour of need, I seek solace.
Send to me aid in my trouble.

Metaphysical Locator Spell[]

The person with powers missing will stand in the center while witches form a circle with their hands.
Goddess, your daughter stands before you,
But her magic has fled.
Help her find what she has lost,
That she with her magic may be wed.

To Summon Gortag[]

Fire and earth, hear our command!
We summon a demon from the dark lands.
Gortag, come!

Protection Spell Around Halliwell Manor[]

Power of the witches, we call on you, come
Bring your power, protect our home.

To Call an O'Farrell Witch's Powers[]

I call upon you, elements four,
Unlock your secrets forever more,
A new witch enters the fold,
Allow her magic to take hold.

To Bind Gortag to One Body[]

Demon of Many Bodies,
In this form we command you, stay.

To Break a Demonic Mind Control[]

Goddess, hear our call. Release.

A Ceremony to Transfer Powers[]

A deceased member of the family line will be the judge of the transfer. Both parties must be willing to participate for the transfer to work. Two circles will be drawn, with a bowl of water in between them and the two participants must stand inside the circles.
Sun and moon, earth and water,
Smile now upon your daughters.
Each one wants what the other holds.
Reverse their powers, exchange their molds.
A descendant standing outside the circle will recite the following:
Ancestor witches, hear your daughter's plea.
Send one to judge whose these powers should be.



Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Window of Opportunity is featured in this novel.
  • Clan-goids are introduced.
  • When Piper was trapped in Drew's room in the Elson home, she mentioned that "on the day a witch was to receive his or her powers, there was a moment in time where the powers existed unprotected in space, a moment before the powers found the witch who called for them and if an evil demon knew when it would happen, they could wreak havoc trying to steal the powers and kill the new witch".
  • According to, Lily, Mr. O'Farrell's power was Projective Levitation, based on a thought she had, "her grandfather had the power to levitate things, at least, that was what her mother said." According to Julliana while in the attic with Piper discussing Lily and Drew, her grandfather's power was a weak form of Telekinesis, which required extreme emotions for him to use his power, based on, Julliana's explanation, "he had, Telekinesis, but it only worked when he was really emotional. Like he was angry or frightened, he could throw an object or two with his mind.



  • Russian: Potomstvjennaja vjed'ma (Hereditary Witch)
  • French: La Sorcèllerie en héritage (The hereditary witch)
  • Dutch: Een duistere erfenis (A dark heritage)