"No, once they're immune to it they stay that way. That's why it's called immunity."
Piper to Prue.[src]

Immunity is the ability that grants the possessor invulnerability to certain powers (including their own), spells, and potions (except for a Power Stripping Potion). The being with immunity will absolutely not be affected by the spells, potions and powers they are immune to. Immunity can be a being's natural state or be granted to them by someone powerful, such as when Cole Turner made Ronan immune to the Charmed Ones' powers and potions.

However, despite having immunity to certain magical aspects, they can still be vulnerable to other powers or weapons. Typically, they are vulnerable to attacks from someone of the same morality, though some have shown to be immune to those attacks as well. Basically, the power of immunity varies with every individual.



Several upper-level demons possess this power, although they are usually only immune to the powers of witches. They can, if it is to their own advantage, allow themselves to be susceptible to witches' magic. When immunity comes from a collective power, such as the Triad, their immunity can be diminished by weakening the collective as a whole.

The Seer had shown immunity to pyrokinesis, and is noted to be immune to spells and charms.

Vinceres was immune to the powers of witches unless he lowered his guard to let their magic take effect. Cole clarified that while he was immune to witches' powers, he wasn't immune to demonic ones.

The Horsemen of the Apocalypse[]

The four horsemen are completely immune to the powers of witches, but they could be vanquished by the Source.


Main article: Avatars

Avatars, due to existing outside of space and time, are insusceptible to time and reality alterations, thus aware of any changes that occur within timelines. They are also immune to the divine powers of the Elders and demonic powers.


Good witches are naturally immune to the power of Molecular Immobilization unless they were powerless at the time or rendered too weak to be immune, such as when Billie Jenkins fell victim to the Virus and Piper was able to freeze her long enough for them to find a cure.

They are also proven to be immune to certain magics, such as Rage Projection from the Demon of Illusion, depending on the circumstances and purpose.


Magical objects with defensive properties can render whoever uses them immune to certain powers, spells or weapons.

  • The Lords of War are immune to the weapons of mankind as long as they carry their Crystal Swords.
  • The Magical Amulets can provide complete protection to someone good. The protection is so powerful that it repels all magic, including those who are good.
  • The Eye of Aghbar allowed the demon Bosk to be immune to witches' powers and their spells and potions, but it was not immune to demonic powers, thus Bosk was vanquished when Jinny threw a fireball at him.
  • Anton's Protection Amulet made P. Russell immune to her cousins' powers and curses. It was also powerful enough to protect her reincarnation, Phoebe, from the same curse.

List of Users[]

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.

Related Powers[]

High Resistance[]

Main article: High Resistance

This ability grants possessors the power to survive attacks by weapons and various lethal powers (including their own) from all magical beings. Demons who possess this power can still be vanquished by potions made from their own flesh, athames, a Power of Three spell, or upper-level powers such as Advanced Fire Throwing.


Main article: Invincibility

This ability protects the possessor from any harm whatsoever. They can not be hurt in any way, but if weakened enough, they are prone to death. Beings that possess this power are immune to all kinds of powers, spells, potions, and magical weapons.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • It is assumed that some mortals are also immune to certain magical influences, such as Joe, who was immune to demon blood for unknown reasons.


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