Immortality is the ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan. Immortal beings are protected from a natural death and maintain a younger appearance than their actual age, but can still be killed or vanquished through unnatural means. These beings are often immune to aging or at least age at a much slower rate than mortals.

Notable Immortals[]

Notable Individuals

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The skeletal being Necron was an undead demon. While he hadn't aged, he had to drain the life force of others in order to survive. In addition, the demonic Gypsy Hunter Orin seemingly aged at the same rate humans do (as, a few decades after she last saw him, the Shuvani Teresa thought his son to be him), proving that not all demons are inherently immortal.
  • When Tull drank from the Eternal Spring, he gained true immortality, which made him immune to all magical harm and impossible to vanquish. For this reason, Paige and Piper cast a spell to turn him into a tree, which was also known to be immortal.[3]
  • In the reboot series, there was an evil witch named Fiona Callahan who was immortal. Because she was impossible to destroy as long as she was immortal, Macy Vaughn cast a spell to strip her of her immortality. By doing so, Fiona died when she ignited the Sacred Flame that became the Source.


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  2. Although they are technically undead.
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