Hypnosis is the ability to put other beings in a trance in order to control their actions. This is often done through physical contact or through a hand gesture. Once hypnotized, the user can command their victim to do whatever they desire.



Once tapping into Prue's fear of her sisters being in danger, Barbas was able to put Prue in a trance by slowly brushing his hand against her forehead. In this hypnotic state, Prue believed that her sisters were replaced by impostors. Piper and Phoebe were able to talk her out of the trance, but it took them quite a bit of time.[1]

Demon of Illusion

The Demon of Illusion was able to use this ability by unleashing streams of dust-like particles to calm down the movie audience and place them in a trance. He used this ability to calm them down before using his power of Rage Projection to make them extremely violent.[2]


The Dark Priestess Dantalian turned Prue evil by marrying her to Zile in a Dark Binding ceremony. This rendered Prue in a trance-like state, during which Dantalian demanded her to kill Piper and Phoebe. The spell was broken when Piper froze and shattered Zile, thus ending the marital bond and Danatalian's power over them both.[3]

Wicked Witch from the Magic Mirror

The Wicked Witch from the Magic Mirror put Adam Prinze in a trance by kissing him. Once under the hypnosis, Adam was compelled to do everything that the witch commanded him to. He struggled to fight it when it came to killing Phoebe, though Cole had to freeze him in order to stop him. Adam was freed from the Wicked Witch's hold once she had been vanquished.[4]

The Triad

Shorty after she had been rescued, the Triad hypnotized Christy after she was recaptured. When Billie went to save her, Christy stood there and did nothing whilst Billie was under attack. Billie was able to break the hypnosis by talking to Christy and getting her to believe.[5]


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