Hurricane Hex is the 33rd novel in the Charmed series of novels, and is written by Diana G. Gallagher.

It takes place between Season 5 Episode 18 "Cat House" and Episode 22 "Oh My Goddess! Part 1".


A woman in peril, a storm prolonged —
Consequences of a spell gone wrong.
Come together, quell the anger —
Unite to save a friend in danger!

Despite the fact that it's hurricane season, Phoebe, Piper and Paige decide to take a trip to the Sunshine State. After spending a few days at Phoebe's advice column seminar in Orlando, the Charmed Ones head a few miles north to pay a visit to Sharon Grant, Paige's best friend from college. They arrive just as a hurricane in South Florida changes course and starts heading towards them.

The three sisters soon discover that the dangerous storm isn't their only worry—it seems that Sharon has taken up practicing folk magic with a quirky neighbor who has an unhealthy obsession with Florida folklore. Aware that large storms can affect magic in mysterious and catastrophic ways, the Charmed Ones must batten down the hatches and convince their hostess and her friend to stop casting spells before they find themselves trapped in the eye of a real mess.




  • Wyatt Halliwell: Piper and Leo's firstborn son. He has powers beyond everyone's comprehension.
  • Sharon Grant: Paige's friend from college. Was as slim as she had been in college, and she glowed with a golden tan. She had brown eyes and natural sun-bleached highlights in her long blond hair. Has a thing for painting like Paige. Married to Ben Grant. Dabs in folk magic with Margaret before she learns her lesson.
  • Ben Grant: Sharon's husband. He was six feet tall with wavy dark hair and arresting blue eyes. Casual tan slacks and a light blue short-sleeve shirt hung perfectly on his lean yet muscular frame. His handsome tanned face was unmarred by creases except around his eyes when he smiled. Does not believe in magic. Tries to tell his wife to stop dabbing in magic as it might bring on unfortunate consequences.
  • Margaret Olsen: An elderly woman who dabs in folk magic with Sharon. Tall and heavy-set with a gravelly voice that matched her gruff persona. Fifty-two years old. Never married. Retired schoolteacher.
  • Agnes Finney: Neighbour of the Grants and Margaret Olsen. A petite, demure, and soft-spoken. Widow of Frank Finney. Does not believe in magic. Has a white toy poodle named 'Poncho'. Innocent saved.



  • Frank Finney: Agnes's deceased husband.
  • Mrs. Newmark: Phoebe's third grade teacher who was notorious among students for her intimidating stare.
  • Betty: Leo's charge back in 1960.
  • Darryl Morris: San Francisco police lieutenant. He is aware of the sisters' secret.
  • Sheila Morris: Darryl's wife.
  • Cole Turner: The former demon Belthazor, who fell in love with Phoebe. His love eventually led him to his doom.
  • Roger: A man who collects social security and was planning on writing an advice column in his retirement-complex newsletter.
  • Chuck: A 15-year-old boy who wanted to hold an advice seminar to meet women. He was interested in Phoebe, but was shot down for his age and insensitivity toward relationships and women.


Mind-Your-Own-Business Spell

A lock of hair from the intended target.
Bound by blood and ivy vine,
These from now will only mind
Their own business,
Not yours or mine.

To Reverse the Storm Stalling Spell

Power of Three spell. All three sisters must stand at one point of the chalk pentagram designed to stall a storm, connected to one another through vines. Once the spell is spoken, the pentagram must be erased in reverse order as it was drawn.
On the Power of Three
The spell breaks easy and free.


  • Orbing: Used by Leo to orb into the Grants' house and Paige.
  • Premonition: Used by Phoebe to see the upcoming hurricane, Agnes disappearing in the midst of the storm, and Sharon and Margaret hexing the sisters.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper to free alligators.


  • Talismans: Self-crafted by Sharon and Margaret for various uses.

Notes and Trivia


  • Darryl and Sheila's names were misspelled as "Daryl" and "Shelia".

International Titles

  • Dutch: Heksen in de storm (Witches in the storm)