How to Perform a Seance is a ceremony described in the Warren Book of Shadows. It allows witches to perform a Seance to communicate with the dead.


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The Charmed Ones have used this entry to perform a Seance on two occasions, once to contact the spirit of a witch and once to summon the spirit of a murdered woman to find her murderer.[1]


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How to Perform a Seance[]

A Ceremony to Contact the Dead
To perform this ritual, you will need six candles,
White and Purple in color and a white cloth.
In addition, you will need to sweeten the air by
burning Cinnamon, Frankincense, and sandalwood.
As the fire burns, concentrate on contacting
the Spirit and Chant the Spell that follows.
If you know the mortal name of the deceased,
adjust the Chant accordingly.
Beloved Unknown Spirit,
We Seek Your Guidance.
We ask that You Commune
with Us and move among Us.