"Leo, just hover."
Paige Matthews telling Leo to hover[src]

Hovering is the magical power to rise in the air a few feet with or without the use of orbs. This power is similar to levitation but it’s just in one place, limiting its efficient capacity to performing minuscule tasks like reaching small heights and mediating.


Whitelighters and Elders have the power to hover, and sometimes use it to meditate in a swirl of orbs.[1]

Leo Wyatt's secret identity as the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter was discovered by Phoebe when she walked in on him changing a light bulb high on the ceiling by hovering.[2] Later, when Phoebe temporarily got the power of flight from a Dragon warlock, she couldn't control it and got stuck in the air near the ceiling in the attic. Leo hovered to bring her down.[3] Leo, still ever the handyman, helped Piper hang a picture in the manor by hovering.[4]

Cole Turner, secretly the Source, used his powers to set off a smoke detector at the Manor to make Phoebe feel as if the house was too distracting for her to work on her column. Leo hovered up in the air to check it.[5]

List of beings who use(d) Hovering

Original power
Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.


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Notes and Trivia

Melinda uses Hovering in the comics.

  • In "Witch Way Now?", Paige refers to this power as the ability to Hover.
  • In the episode "The Jung and the Restless", Paige actually had a dream of herself using this power before she used it in the real world.
  • Whitelighters and Half-whitelighters are seen hovering on orbs in very distinct manners. Both Paige and Melinda floats on a swirl of orbs[6]. Ramus and Leo is also seen covered in orbs when hovering. [7][8]
  • In the episodes "Secrets and Guys", and "Witch Way Now?", you can see that Brian Krause is hanging from wires. His trousers are pulled up. This is the same when Phoebe levitates.

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