The Horned Demon was an unnamed, red-skinned demon with devilish horns on top of its forehead and yellow eyes. He had a muscular human upper body while its lower body resembled that of a hoofed animal. It also had a short tail.

It appears he was either a leader of a demonic faction or had some sort of authoritative power in the demonic hierarchy.


The demon appeared when Neena was plotting to unite all evil in the Underworld by casting a spell that would distribute the recently vanquished the Source of All Evil's powers amongst all demons and other evil beings. The demon questioned why they should follow her, especially considering they did not even know what she was.

The demon later teamed up with the Darklighter Rennek in order to annihilate a vampire clan. He was later vanquished by Piper when he assisted Rennek in a battle against the sisters that killed a pregnant girl.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers


Notes and Trivia

  • With its red skin, horns and goat legs, this demon closely resembles the classic description of the Devil. Ironically, the Devil that appeared in "Charmed and Dangerous" resembled an ordinary demon.


The Horned Demon appeared in a total of 3 comic issues over the course of the series.

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