Holly Fields portrayed the female warlock Jane Franklin in the Charmed Season 2 episode The Painted World


Holly Fields began her acting career at age 6 in Sacramento, where she understudied Molly Ringwald in "Through the Looking Glass". Soon after, her family moved to Dallas, Texas where she became a theater veteran along with her brother. She toured in national theater productions and was in the Broadway cast of "Annie" at age 11. Soon after, she started doing commercials, modeling and local TV shows. At age 13, Holly went to Los Angeles for one month to see what would happen. A week after the move, she was cast in the CBS pilot CBS Summer Playhouse: Fort Figueroa (#2.10) (1988) starring opposite Charles Haid. Her family decided to let her give it a try and moved to Los Angeles.

Weeks after, Holly was seen by Christopher Guest and given a part in his film The Big Picture (1989). She quickly began landing leading roles acting opposite such as Michael J. Fox, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Aniston and Burt Reynolds, and being hired by Madonna, Garry Shandling and Chris Carter, among others.

Her parents, wanting her to have a normal childhood, moved the family to San Francisco. Soon after, Holly's older brother was asked to join the UCLA medical team and her older sister was accepted into an L.A. design school. So, once again the Fields family moved back to Los Angeles. Holly has an all-girl group named "Zoom" signed to Avex Tracks Records in Japan and produced by Joey Carbone whom she met while filming "It's Garry Shandling's Show." (1986). Holly is working on producing her own projects and, when she isn't filming, she's writing and singing on her own and other artists' albums.


  • Great Aunt was Nancy Gross, also known as Slim. Slim was married to Howard Hawks, Leland Hayward, and Lord Kenneth Keith.

Great-grandfather was Edward B. Gross who was one of those responsible for starting Cannery Row. She has been Cameron Diaz's voice in over 10 projects thus far, including the Shrek 2 (2004) (VG). Passed on the lead role in Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982). Hand picked by Madonna for her controversial Pepsi commercial. Starred in the National tour of A Christmas Carol for two years. Was engaged to Corey Haim in 1996 but broke the engagement.

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