High Spirits is the 39th book in the Charmed novel series.

It takes place during the Moon Festival (which is in September) placing it at the beginning of Season 8.


She sang her telegram to a Hollywood star—now he entertains from afar.
Foe to friend, help in our quest to rid this mansion of an unwanted guest.

The Charmed Ones travel to Hollywood to attend a big bash hosted by Kevin Peterson, Paige's old flame. Kevin is holding the party at his recently purchased mansion, which he was able to afford because of rumors that it's haunted! Sure enough, ghostly goings-on begin almost immediately, but everyone believes that Kevin is the one behind the "haunting." He confides in Paige that he is not.

The ghost reveals himself to be Robert Maxwell, a star of stage and screen who vanished under mysterious circumstances in 1926—right after receiving a singing telegram. A friendly ghost, Maxwell just likes having an audience. But when people start to disappear and the house seals shut, the Charmed Ones realize something evil must also be lurking. It is only with the able assistance of their ghostly ally that they and the rest of the partygoers stand a chance.






Magical Notes


Emily's Telegram

From afar I have watched you, and seen your secret dreams.
I can grant you all you wish for, impossible though it seems.
You will not age, you will not fade, your legacy and your light,
Will be kept alive within these walls by
Emily's power and might.

To Vanquish M'Goharthet

Power of Three spell
Demon of this, Demon of that,
Keep your illusions under your hat.
You've been a pest, but we're the best,
So we vanquish thee with all the rest.

To Vanquish X'ahroth

Requires a potion made with nightshade and the Power of Three
We sisters three will vanquish thee,
Your illusions will not avail.
By the Power of Three, we swear to see,
You pass beyond the veil.

To Bind the Charmed Ones to Maxwell Manor

To the Sisters Three, I give to Thee,
a boon I once granted, to You-Know-He.

Renewed X'ahroth Vanquishing Spell

Requires the Power of Three and a potion
Demon of Illusion, we Sisters Three,
Call upon the house and the Power of Three!
We see right through you, and don't you know,
Where you're heading, you don't want to go.


Notes and Trivia

Differences from the Show

International Titles

  • Dutch: Verre geesten (Distant spirits)