Heremus is one of the Old Ones, a race of ancient demons. Heremus died at some point, and his corpse has since served as the Demonic Wasteland, the plane of existence where essences of vanquished demons are sent.


Tyler Michaels

When Tyler Michaels, Henry Mitchell and Coop Halliwell transported to the Demonic Wasteland to recover Benjamin Turner's soul fragment, Heremus's essence sensed the presence of an Archai and sprayed Tyler with his blood. Although Tyler seemed unharmed at first, it is later revealed that vanquished evil beings were able to return to the land of the living by possessing Tyler.

To find out more about what is causing the evil beings to return, Prue performed a spell with Kyra and the resurrected Benjamin and she discovered Heremus' influence. During a fight between the Charmed Ones and Tuatha, Prue astral projected into the evil witch and came face to face with Heremus. She tried to rip the Old One out of Tyler, though Heremus grabbed onto her, resulting in an explosion that vanquished Tuatha.

Prue Halliwell


"My name is Prue."

Unbeknownst to the Charmed Ones, Heremus was not destroyed in the explosion but actually merged with Prue and the All. As time progressed, Prue's personality darkened and she eventually turned against her family, seeking to resurrect all of the Old Ones. She went to Knox Academy to meet with Dominus and planted the seeds of the Old Ones on the entire student body.

After a fight with her sisters, Prue was temporarily banished by Tyler to another realm. Both the sisters and the Tribunal tried to find a way to end the threat, though Prue broke free when the Tribunal experimented on Tyler, resulting in them being slaughtered by Prue. She then took Tyler and the other prisoners to Salem, where she intended to perform the ritual to resurrect the Old Ones. With Prue becoming a Charmed One once again and Phoebe's help, Prue is able to fight temporarily fight off Heremus's control long enough for Piper to stab her with the Ancient Athame to stop him.

Powers and Abilities

Though assuming to have the same powers as the rest of the Old Ones, Heremus has displayed different abilities, mainly the ability to serve as connection between Earth and the Demonic Wasteland to let vanquished evils return to life. Merging with Prue gave him temporary access to all magic of the All.

Other Powers
  • Possession: The ability to take control of another being's body.
  • Soul Containment: The ability to contain souls of the dead. Heremus's corpse houses the souls of vanquished evils, namely evil witches and demons.
Temporary Powers


Heremus appeared in a total of 5 issue over the course of the series.

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