Healing is the power to restore an individual to full health or an object to pristine condition. The trigger for this power is love and conversely the trigger for the touch of death, its counterpart power, is hate.


"I can heal mortals completely."
Leo talking about his healing powers.[src]

This power is mainly possessed by Whitelighters, a warm golden light shines from their hands as they heal injuries and wounds on others. It also mends their charges' torn clothes. This ability has also been shown to heal objects as well, such as when Leo used it on some plumbing pipes and the broken sign for P3. This power also seems to counteract and remove poisons. Healing also cures illnesses and maladies, although illnesses with mental reasons can't be cured through healing.[1]


"I can't heal self inflicted wounds."
Leo talking about his healing powers.[src]

There are exceptions to this power, such as the inability to heal self-inflicted wounds such as drunkenness. It is also impossible to heal animals or the dead.[2] Certain magical beings, such as mermaids, cannot be healed either.[3] Whitelighters are only able to heal physical injuries when they are supposed to, referring to injuries that have been inflicted by evil. If they heal someone they are forbidden by the Elders to help, and their wings can be clipped as punishment, like when Leo healed Piper when she had Oroya Fever.[4]

It is impossible to heal demons, although Leo was once able to partially heal Cole Turner by focusing on his human half. When Paige added her power as a half-Whitelighter, they were able to completely heal Cole.[5]

While Leo has shown the ability to heal himself if his body sustains injuries that would be fatal if he was human, such as when he was stabbed with a butcher knife,[6] this ability does not extend to magically-induced injuries, and takes a conscious effort on Leo's part, as he cannot heal himself from being knocked unconscious.

Paige Matthews, being only half-Whitelighter, did not develop the power to heal for several years, until she admitted her love for her future husband Henry Mitchell during a bank robbery. Before she found her trigger, she had to channel her healing ability through Leo.

Whitelighters' ability to heal can be lost due to negative emotions (for example, feelings of loss and self-flagellation[6]), but can be restored[7][8] or awakened for the first time[9][10] because of the desire to heal someone you love very much.


A unicorn's horn can be used for healing, as evident when Leo healed Victor Bennett's wound by sprinkling horn dust over it.[1]


Witches with knowledge in Potion Brewing can make potions for healing. When Phoebe suffered a wound to her arm, Janna made a remedy for her arm.[11] Richard gave Paige one for her injury on the shoulder when she was hit by a Plasma Ball to speed up the healing processes.[12]

A Demonic Healer was treating the wound of The Siren after being stabbed through the stomach with a metal pole by Paige.[13]The same demonic healer would patch up a wound for Barbas, who would later vanquish the healer due to being mocked[14].

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Healing, in the comics

  • In the earlier seasons, a little lightbulb would be used for the healing light. The lightbulb would be attached to palm of the actor's hand and the wire (which would be hidden in the sleeve) was connected to a little power box in the back pockets of the actor's pants or in a jacket. For some shots, the light was added by computer. Paige's healing in season 8 was all done by computer, most noticeably, by the coloring and opacity of the light looking unnatural.
  • The rule that Whitelighters are not allowed to heal certain injuries is often neglected in later seasons. A notable example is in "My Three Witches", where Leo offers to heal a minor cut on Piper's finger and a slight fever Wyatt is having.
  • Although it is stated many times that is impossible to heal the dead, there are many occasions where healing has brought a person back when they were already in the process of crossing over, suggesting that a person is not considered 'dead' until their spirits have passed on.
  • Shannen Doherty has stated that this would be her power of choice if she could choose to have any power from the show.

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