Harriet Casey was married to the Chaplain Arthur Casey.


Harriet was recently pregnant with Arthur's baby when he was killed by his half-demon cousin, Kevin (better known by his demonic alias Sirk), who had to kill all his blood relatives to become a full demon. Arthur was his last target. To his surprise, his death did not complete the transformation. He then confronted Kyra, a famous demonic seer. She helped him realize that his last blood relative was Arthur's unborn baby.

Sirk briefly confronted Harriet before the Charmed Ones intervened and saved Harriet. They brought her to Magic School to keep her safe. To her surprise, when Sirk killed Paige Matthews, he gained the ability to enter the campus and was ready to kill Harriet before Phoebe Halliwell and Leo Wyatt surprise-attacked him and killed him. She was safely returned home and likely agreed to keep their secret.


Harriet Casey appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.