Hans Fein[1] was a man Phoebe Halliwell met at Quake soon after she and Piper Halliwell cast a love spell.


Hans came into Quake after he had a flat tire on his car; he soon bumped into Phoebe, and they started chatting. According to Phoebe, she wanted the "sexy, silent type who appreciates scented candles, body oil and Italian sheets, and who recycles". Hans fell under her spell because he possessed those wanted personality traits. They had, according to Phoebe, a lot of safe sex later that night.

Phoebe gets annoyed with how "clingy" he is and dumps him. Afterwards, he then breaks into the manor as Piper and Phoebe are on the phone with Prue Halliwell trying to keep her awake. They become distracted with an angry Hans who gets completely violent, and as a result, Prue falls asleep and crashes her car. After that night, Piper and Phoebe reverse the love spell, and when Phoebe runs into Hans again, he doesn't remember her. Piper and Phoebe then take all the flowers from Hans and Jack Manford (the man who was in love with Piper) to Prue at the hospital.


Hans Fein appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.


  1. His full name was seen on the paper Cole had about Phoebe's life and interests in season 3.