The Gypsy Zombie is an undead creature that appears in the Charmed novel The Gypsy Enchantment.[1]

A powerful Gypsy magician can call up a zombie to do his or her bidding. That way the Gypsy can remain above reproach and still get what he or she wants.

For a truly skilled magician, the zombie can be used for several purposes: to do his bidding on the astral plane; to battle psychic attacks if needed; searching for additional powerful talismans, such as the Romany Ruby; and fighting the neutralizing powers of the Charmed Ones.


A Gypsy Zombie was called by the Gypsy Olga to find and steal Ivan's Gypsy Violin. He was later ordered to fight the Charmed Ones, but was easily defeated with a spell cast by Piper and Phoebe. His body withered until it became a pile of dust.


Book of Shadows[]

A figure, wearing full pants, a colorful vest and scarves of a traditional Gypsy outfit. The face looks decaying, the fingers are skeleted and the eyes are hollowed sockets.

Gypsy Zombie Vanquishing Spell[]

Minion of darkness, ancient Gypsy tool
Set for destruction, mindless yet cruel,
We break your commands,
We shatter your rules.

Powers and Abilities[]

Other Powers


Gypsy Zombie appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.