"My God, you haven't aged in twenty years."
—Grace after seeing Jade.[src]

Grace Spencer was a mortal and the mother of Elliot Spencer. Years ago, she had made a deal with Jade D'Mon for wealth in power in exchange for her son's hand in marriage. Jade arrived days before Elliot's wedding with Allison Michaels and took her place as the bride, though Elliot and Allison were reunited after some help from the Charmed Ones.


Elliot and Allison were days away from their wedding when Jade D'Mon arrived. She reminded Grace about the pact they had made years earlier. She had given Grace wealth and power in exchange for her son's hand in marriage. Jade placed Elliot under her control with a spell and Allison was kicked out of the estate. Although reluctant, Grace had no choice but to go along with Jade's plans.

As the wedding came closer, Allison tried to reach Elliot several times and even went to the police, though nobody would listen to her. She confronted Grace and demanded to see Elliot, though Grace told her she needed to accept it was over.

Piper Halliwell, who was catering the wedding, learned that Jade had replaced Allison as the bride. The Charmed Ones later learned that Jade was actually a demon named Hecate, who wanted to marry Elliot to conceive a demonic child. Because her spell could be broken by true love's kiss, they planned to reunite Allison with Elliot.

When Piper and Phoebe confronted Grace, she said it was too late to stop the wedding and tried to lure the sisters into a trap, though they were saved by Prue.

When the sisters and Allison crashed the wedding, Allison declared her love for Elliot, though Jade conjured a storm and ran off with him. The sisters followed them and Prue trapped Hecate in the Jeweled Poignard of the Order of the Stephanine Cross after Elliot picked it up. With Hecate gone, the spell was broken and Elliot was reunited with Allison.


Grace Spencer has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.