Gordan Franklin was the husband of Paulette Franklin and the father of Max Franklin, who inherited magic from his mother.


Early life[]

Gordan married Paulette and was unaware of the fact she was a witch until she revealed her secret just before she died. Not long afterward, Max began manifesting his power of psychokinesis, and Gordan didn't know how to deal with it.

Saving Max[]

Some time after Paulette, Max was kidnapped by Mickey Jackson and David, who wanted to use him to open doors and vaults. He ordered Gordan not to tell anyone, including the police. When Andy tried to find out what was happening, Gordan claimed Max was visiting family. Prue confronted him about it, revealing that she was also a witch. He felt roughly comfortable enough to tell her the truth about what was happening.

Later, Gordan tracked Max down to an auto shop where David worked. Mickey shot Gordan in the chest and left him to die, but Leo orbed over and healed him. He then apologized to Max for his behavior and begins to embrace his son for all that he is.


Gordan Franklin appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.