Golems are artificial creatures created out of any material, mostly clay, for purposes to serve their creators. Golems are usually made by alchemists and sorcerers. As they were never born but created, human Golems lack bellybuttons. As artificial beings, Golems lack a soul but can grow a conscience.

Known Golems


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The demon Gammill created a golem, Finn, in order to lure women to his house so that he could turn them into miniature figurines. Finn and Paige met and they quickly fell for each other; but when Finn revealed that he was a golem, Gammill ultimately destroyed him for his betrayal.

The Source of All Evil

The Source Golem

The Source as a Golem

In "Innocents Lost", Neena and Hogan resurrected the Source as a Golem. His new body was constructed with earth of the Underworld and a Dark Priest then performed a ritual with soil from the Ancient Burial Ground and the blood of the innocents saved by the Charmed Ones to bring the Golem to life. In his new form, the Source was much bigger and muscular than in his previous demonic bodies and much stronger.

Powers and Abilities

The powers and abilities possessed by Golems depend on the traits their makers give them when they are created. Finn possessed no powers, as his only purpose was to lure young women to Gammill with his good looks. The Source possessed all of his previous powers in his new form, though his new body greatly enhanced these powers and his physical strength.


Golems have appeared in a total of 1 episode and 3 comic issues throughout the course of the series.

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