Glynnis is a forger of magical weapons hailing from the Bladesmith line responsible for creating the Empyreal Sword. She resides in a fortress in the mountains of Nepal.


Answering Leo's Questions[]

When looking for answers regarding the Empyreal Sword under orders of Leo Wyatt, Bailey discovered the sword's origins through the books in Magic School's library. Leo planned to look for the descendant of the forgers in Nepal alone, but the Charmed Ones appeared and helped him after Phoebe received a premonition.


Glynnis in her fortress.

When arriving in Nepal, Leo and the sisters discovered a fortress guarded by magical weapons and deadly contraptions. Through a combination of their powers, they managed to break through and enter the fortress. Upon first seeing the group, Gylnnis was stunned to see that Leo was holding the Empyreal Sword. She explained the origin of the sword and mentioned that the sword must have bonded with the "remains of the Whitelighter in him". She claimed that every time Leo would use the sword, it would drain some of his life force. Glynnis then promised to try to find a way to separate Leo from the sword.[1]

Assisting Against Rennek[]

When it was discovered that the Darklighter, Rennek was behind the magical switch, the Charmed Ones and their allies prepare to face Rennek in battle. Glynnis was among those who appeared at the Halliwell Manor and brought a large supply of weapons to aid in the up coming battle. She revealed that when the magical switch happened, her magical weapons lost their powers while the regular ones gained them. She also pointed out that the sword Leo was holding was not the Empyreal Sword, revealed that Rennek stole the sword at some point and replaced it with a duplicate.[2]

Right before the battle, Glynnis showed excitement being able to see her ancestors' weapon in action. When Rennek's soldiers merged into a giant, Glynnis used a magical cannon to destroy the giant, causing it to nearly crush her and the others.[3]

Guarding Tyler Michaels[]

Glynnis and Billie were asked by the Charmed Ones to protect Tyler and his family from Prue. While guarding Kareem's house, they were knocked unconscious by a hooded member of the new Tribunal, who sought to use Tyler to gain more intel on Prue and the Old Ones.[4]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • It was never revealed whether Glynnis is a mortal or a magical being or if she possesses any powers without the use of her weapons. It was however stated that she can enchant the weapons she forges, though the method was never clarified.


Glynnis appeared in a total of 5 comic issues over the course of the series.