"No. But I remember them calling one of the other ones that. I was blindfolded and I think they drugged me or something 'cause the next thing I remember I was here. I felt the tip of the knife. He was gonna kill me. But she made him stop."
—The victim to Andy Trudeau[src]

The Girl Victim was a young mother abducted by Greg and Paul Rowe. She was intended to be used as a sacrifice in the warlocks' attempt to persuade their half-brother Brendan to accept his evil side.



The victim on the altar.

After the Rowe brothers kidnapped the victim, they tied her to an altar surrounded by candles while blindfolded. They handed Brendan an athame to kill her and accept his heritage, though the Charmed Ones arrived on time to stop him.

The girl was later found and questioned by Andy Trudeau, who asked if Brendan was one of the men who kidnapped her. She told him it was not the case, but that his name was mentioned. She also mentioned that they would have killed her if she had not stopped them.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The girl mentioned to Andy that she felt the tip of the knife, though Brendan never got close enough to touch her with it.


The Girl Victim appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.