Gil Corso was the owner of 415 Magazine.


Prue Halliwell approached Gil's magazine after she decided to become a photographer. Despite her impressive skills in the photo samples, Corso wanted her to prove her worth first. He gave her one assignment to shoot a photo of Maggie Murphy. However, when a Spirit Killer cursed Prue with bad luck, the photos that she took of her were all blurry and Corso fired her. However, when her luck was reversed, the photos were back to normal, and Prue got the job.

A while later, Corso gave Prue the job to shoot Finley Beck, a gifted photographer and Prue's former idol. He was somewhat surprised that Prue knew who the man was when he mentioned him. He was also pleased when Prue presented a candid of Finley as the real man behind the camera.

Notes and Trivia[]


Gil Corso appeared in a total of 2 episodes throughout the course of the series.