Garden of Evil is the 13th novel of the Charmed novels and is written by Emma Harrison.

This novel is set between Season 4 Episode 6 "A Knight to Remember" and Season 4 Episode 8 "Black as Cole" as Paige Matthews has moved into the manor, but Cole still retains his demonic powers.


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By the powers above
And by all things good,
Bring me a love
Who will always be true.

The Halliwell sisters and their honeys are enjoying a rare afternoon off fighting evil. Even though the two couples try to keep the vibe free of romance, Paige can't help feeling like a fifth wheel. But where to find a guy who not only embodies everything she wants in a boyfriend but will also understand her witchy lifestyle? Then while saving an innocent, Paige connects—with the girl's boyfriend, Micah.

Micah seems perfect—he's attractive and attentive, and he lives in a beautiful mansion in the hills outside San Francisco. Paige thinks he could be her Prince Charming. But the fairy tale turns sinister when he invites her into his garden—an enchanted prison from which there is no escape and where the strongest bonds are those of love.




  • Vandalus: The antagonist of the book. Disguised as millionaire Micah Grant after the Elders cursed him to human form with most of his powers locked away. He tried to seduce Paige to break the curse with true love's kiss. His remaining powers involved Hypnosis, Thermal Blast, Super Strength, and the ability to create Force Field.


  • Aplacum: Aplacum had been at war with Vandalus for centuries for domination over each other's empires.
  • Terrence Reingold: San Francisco's richest man, and one of the top ten most powerful businessmen in the world. Reputated for being maniacal, egotistical, and seriously territorial about his riches.
  • George: Vandalus's servant.
  • Regina Trager: African-American woman who studies at San Francisco State. Phoebe saw her being targeted by Aplacum in a vision.
  • Tyrell Brooks: Piper's assistant manager, and supposedly Micah's friend. Tyrell had a difficult life, living in and out of shelters, on and off drugs, and skirting the law before he cleaned himself up and started working as a busboy at P3.
  • Charles: Vandalus's driver.
  • Christopher: An orphan living in Vandalus's orphanage. He has trouble sleeping.


Magical Notes[]

Book of Shadows[]


Vandalus, one of the most violent, destructive demons of the underworld, fought for centuries against its arch-nemesis Aplacum for dominion of the dimensions. If one ever killed the other, the vanquishing demon would reign supreme, bringing untold horrors to humanity.
Fortunately, the Elders managed to lure Vandalus away from his loyal minions long enough to cast a powerful spell on him, banishing him to Earth in the early nineteenth century.
As a human, Vandalus is of tall stature, with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. The color is almost unnatural.


To Vanquish Aplacum[]

The spell comes with a potion.
Whispering winds, serve us well.
Take this demon back to hell.

To Summon Cole[]

Powers That Be,
Return Cole to me.

Revelation Spell[]

Mirror of life, mirror so sure,
In your reflection all is pure.
Behind your glass let nothing hide,
Reveal the truth that lurks inside.

To Vanquish Vandalus[]

By the Power of Three, his spells be done,
His evil through, his mask unspun.
Take this monster away from us,
Lets our words vanquish Vandalus.


  • Energy Ball: Used by Cole to attack Vandalus.
  • Force Field: Used by Vandalus to trap Paige in the garden as well as keep intruders out. He also traps Cole inside an invisible box.
  • Hypnosis: Used by Vandalus to control his victims. He hypnotizes Reingold to give him one million dollars.
  • Levitation: Used by Phoebe in attempt to climb the wall into Micah Grant's garden. She later uses it to fight Vandalus.
  • Molecular Combustion: Used by Piper in attempt to break into the garden.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Used by Piper to save Regina Trager, freeze a security guard to sneak into a building, and stop Vandalus from kissing Paige.
  • Orbing: Used by Leo and Paige to teleport.
  • Premonition: Used by Phoebe to see a woman get ripped apart by Aplacum.
  • Shimmering: Used by Cole to teleport.
  • Super Strength: Used by Vandalus to attack the sisters.
  • Telekinetic Orbing: Used by Paige to move objects.
  • Teleportation: Used by the Aplacum.
  • Thermal Blast: Used by Vandalus to vaporize a chair. He also used it to attack the sisters.


  • Crystals: Piper boiled three of them in water to provide magical protection from evil.
  • Book of Shadows: The Halliwells' tome of magic and knowledge.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This is the first novel to feature Paige as the main character.
  • The title may be derived from the Garden of Eden from the bible.
  • Cole notes that he has never tried to take more than one person with him while shimmering before, although he manages to shimmer himself, Piper, Phoebe, and Leo through Vandalus's barrier when he has to.


  • In chapter 2, Piper is called the Julia Child of the Wicca world, referencing a famous mid-1900s chef.
  • Paige's love of lollipops, a sticking point in "Enter the Demon" is mentioned in chapter 2.
  • Annie, a 1982 movie, was mentioned.


  • Paige and Leo have blue eyes in this novel.
  • Belthazor is mispronounced as Balthazar.
  • Paige has learned to orb herself elsewhere, though her range was highly limited. In the show, she doesn't learn to orb to other places until after they vanquished the Source.
  • Cole used blue energy balls, but in the novel, his energy balls were red.
  • Paige drives a green Bug, but in the book, her car is red.
  • The timeline is set in spring. Paige first met her sisters and moved into the manor in late 2001, and Cole lost his powers before December.
  • Paige is not fond of seafood in this book, but it doesn't happen until "A Witch's Tail, Part 2" in the show.

International titles[]

  • French: Le jardin du mal (The Garden of the Evil)
  • Russian: Sad d'javola (Garden of the Devil)
  • Spanish: El jardín del mal (The Garden of the Evil)
  • Dutch: Tuin van het kwaad (Garden of the Evil)