Gammill, also known as The Collector, was an old, evil man who had a passion for collecting one-of-a-kind figurines. Using a magic wand, he shrank women, covered them with clay and then baked them alive, turning them into figurines.

In the early 1970's, Gammill was cursed by a witch to become as hideous on the outside as he was on the inside. He was vanquished in late 2001 by the Charmed Ones when he tried to add them and one other to his collection.


Being Cursed[]

Gammill was once a handsome man who liked to collect one-of-a-kind figurines. He made them himself by luring young women into his house, shrinking them down, then plastering them in clay, bake and paint them. Sometime in the 1970's, Gammill's horrific acts were discovered by a witch. To punish Gammill and to stop him from luring women to his house, the witch cursed him to make his appearance as hideous as his inside.

Creating Finn[]

After being cursed, Gammill created a young and handsome golem, which he named Finn, in order to continue luring women into his house. During this time, an entry on him was added to the Warren Book of Shadows, either by Penny or Patty Halliwell.

Encountering the Charmed Ones[]

In 2001, Paige Matthews passed Gammill's house on her way to work and always felt a chill when she did so. She explained this to her half-sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, wondering if it could be linked to any supernatural activities. After being convinced by their Whitelighter, Leo, Phoebe went to the house to investigate. When she stepped inside and found the collection of figurines, Gammill shrank Phoebe.

When Phoebe did not return, Paige, Piper and Leo went to look for her. When they arrived at the house, Paige recognized Finn, whom she had previously met in a grocery store. She went up to Finn and lured him away, allowing Piper and Leo to orb inside. They looked for Phoebe, but were unable to find her due to her having been shrunk.

Later that night, Paige found out that Finn was a golem. He explained what Gammill did to the women he lured into his house. When the sisters went back to the manor to find a way to vanquish Gammill, he appeared and killed Finn. He proceeded to shrink Paige and Piper and took them to his house. While plastered in clay, the sisters came up with a plan to defeat Gammill. They used his wand to shrink Gammill and then vanquished him with a spell Phoebe had created.

Powers and Abilities[]

Gammil's wand

Gammill's wand.

Active Powers
  • Electrokinesis: The ability to create and project electricity or lightning. Gammill possessed a less powerful variant of this power, being able to only project small sparks of electricity which he used to activate his wand.
Through Wand
  • Energy Beam: The ability to emit a continuous, burning beam of red energy.
  • Shrinking: The ability to shrink other being to a few inches. When Gammill shrank a being, it also reduced their magical powers.


Book of Shadows[]


The entry on Gammill

The Collector
Gammill a.k.a. "The Collector"
is known for his passion
of collecting one-of-a-kind
figurines. Thirty years
ago a witch cast a spell to
make him as hideous on the
outside as he was on the

Spell to Vanquish Gammill[]

Small of Mind,
Big of Woe,
The pain you caused,
You now will know!

Notes and Trivia[]



Figurine Collection[]


Gammill appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.


  1. It has never been revealed to which species Gammill belongs or he was a mortal who once got a magic wand.