Gabrielle Chambers is a 36 year-old waterbearer of African-American descent who appears in the novel The Brewing Storm.


Early life[]

Gabrielle was initially a lawyer, but changed career to becoming a doctor. On one occasion, Gabrielle found herself walking on water, but she dismissed it.

Learning about Magic[]

When the world nears the end, Phoebe locates her and tells her about her powers and her part in tonight's ritual. Though reluctant to help at first due to her skepticism and the loads of incoming patients at the hospital, she eventually agrees with a little persuasion from Darryl Morris.

Gabrielle uses her powers three times in the novel; once to lift a set of heavy lockers with a puddle of water; to keep the pouring rain away from her and the others; and finally to fight the demon Tempest, but he takes control of her power and sends it back at her. After saving the world with the Ritual of the Guardians, Gabrielle goes back to her regular life, but decides to work her way into the magical world slowly, and helps Phoebe with her contract at the Bay Mirror.

She uses a chalice from Grams's third wedding during the ceremony to calm the elements.


Gabrielle is very dedicated to her job. She had never truly believed in magic, though she had sensed something about herself was different. Despite her initial skepticism, she eventually came around and decided to embrace her power little by little.

Powers and Abilities[]

Basic Powers
Active Powers


Gabrielle Chambers has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.