Gabe Pintor is a major character in A Thousand Deaths.


Gabe knew Paige Matthews from college. While opening his art gallery, he invites Paige and her sisters to an exhibit. Unbeknownst to him, the demon Djall is using his artwork as portals to transfer humans souls into the Underworld while demons take over their bodies. While he tries to connect with Paige romantically, his soul gets trapped in the Underworld while attending the exhibit and his body is taken over by a demon.

The Charmed Ones were able to stop Djall and send all the souls back to their rightful bodies, but Gabe's soul was held at knifepoint by Maisey while Paige was attempting to retrieve him. Though they defeated the demon, Gabe's soul weakened and faded away. When they saw him alive and well at the art gallery, they thought he had survived; but his body was actually inhabited by a demon.


Gabe Pintor appeared in a total of 5 comic issues throughout the franchise.