Fritz was a low-level demon working with another demon named Valen. He secretly observed all four Halliwell sisters for months.


By transforming into electricity, Fritz managed to secretly observe all four Charmed Ones for months as they battled Gaxageal. After the sisters defeated the Old One, Fritz reported back to his partner Valen, who concluded that the Halliwells are unique due to their ability to evade death. Valen then informed Fritz about an artifact known as the Ancient Athame, capable of killing souls and thus wiping them out of existence. Fritz noted he thought it was just a legend, though Valen replied that he knows its location.

Valen and Fritz sought out a demon named Murray and obtained a book leading them to the Ancient Athame. They proceeded to attack a Leprechaun and stole some shillelaghs to use as a power source. After obtaining the athame, the demons headed to the Halliwell Manor, where they were confronted by Cole Turner. Fritz used his lightning to attack Cole, though he was electrocuted by his own power when Piper threw water on him.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers

  • Electrokinesis: The abiity to throw bolts of lightning. Fritz could also transform himself into electricity to move around unnoticed.
  • Lightning Teleportation: The ability to teleport through bolts of lightning.


Notes and Trivia


Fritz appeared in a total of 2 comic issues over the course of the series.

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