Leo is cleaning up a mess in the kitchen when Paige walks in, complaining about having a new charge. After Paige finishes venting, Leo gives her some encouraging words of wisdom. Paige finally orbs out to meet her new charge, having calmed down after their talk. Paige finds her new charge, Mitchell Haines, a witch with a super speed power, over by a sidewalk food vendor. She tries to talk to him, but he refuses to listen, walking away.

Demons attack Piper at P3. Paige orbs into the middle of the attack for advice and helps Piper fight them off. Only a deliveryman is injured, arousing the suspicions of Inspector Sheridan. Piper tells Paige that she should talk to Leo for advice on her whitelighter duties.

Imara, a vain sorceress, has plans to take out Zankou's top lieutenants. She is after a lock of a Charmed One's hair. This proves to be the reason for the attack at P3, but Imara now wants to go after Phoebe.

Piper and Phoebe are in the kitchen at the manor. Piper is making a potion while Phoebe is complaining about how the legal department at the paper wants a professional shrink to review all of her columns. Piper manages to get Phoebe to stop complaining long enough to tell her about the earlier attack. Piper gives Phoebe a potion to carry for protection in case the demons attack her. Phoebe promises to help Piper with the demons right after she deals with her column. Phoebe leaves for the office with the potion so she can deal with her column.

Leo has adjusted well to his position as Headmaster of Magic School. Paige has dropped by for some advice on Mitchell. Leo tells her that reluctant charges come with the job of being a whitelighter and she has to find her own way of getting him to open up to her.

Phoebe is on her cell phone at the Bay Mirror, complaining about the legal department's demand. She angrily notes that the shrink isn't going to touch a thing she wrote and then enters the elevator. Two demons attack Phoebe in an elevator and cuts off a lock of her hair. Upstairs in her office, the shrink, Dr. Randall, introduces himself to Phoebe. Phoebe makes her feelings on the matter of his involvement with her column known to him. Dr. Randall talks about his credentials and about Phoebe's lack of credentials. Imara casts a spell and switches souls with Phoebe. Phoebe, now in Imara's body, is locked in a cage.

Meanwhile, "Phoebe" checks herself out in a compact mirror while Dr. Randall is still talking to her. Dr. Randall tells "Phoebe" that they'll be working together for a long time, whether she likes it or not. When Dr. Randall asks her if they understand each other, "Phoebe" asks him if he thinks she's hot. Dr. Randall is confused by "Phoebe's" question. While Dr. Randall is still confused, "Phoebe" kisses him and then leaves for the manor.

At the manor, Piper has asked Leo to come home and help her find any info on the demons. Leo hasn't found anything in the books he's looked through, but does suspect a soul-swapping spell, because the demons had needed a fresh lock of hair. Piper and Leo keep looking through the books when "Phoebe" arrives. Leo suggests that they check the Book of Shadows again and they all head upstairs to the attic.

"Phoebe", behaving strangely but not suspected by Leo and Piper, fakes a premonition and points to a page in the Book. The page is about an upper-level demon named Daleek. "Phoebe" claims that he is posing as a human. She and Piper go after Daleek; whose posing as a city councilman. He produces a fireball and Piper blasts him, stunning him temporarily. "Phoebe" throws a potion and vanquishes him. The two are caught on a security camera, giving more suspicion to Inspector Sheridan.

Mitchell using Hyper Speed to save a glamoured Paige

Paige disguises herself and deliberately crashes a rental car, such that a power line is in danger of falling on her. Mitchell saves her and she drops her glamour. Mitchell walks away angry. Paige goes back to Magic School. She asks Leo for more advice on Mitchell and even contemplates giving up. He tells her to focus on Mitchell as a person, not as a witch, if she truly wants to help him.

Back at the manor, Piper wants to focus on the demon who attacked them, but "Phoebe" wants to focus on thinning out Zankou's band of demons. Piper confronts "Phoebe" about her strange behavior, but "Phoebe" says that she's been overwhelmed lately between work and their "Charmed" duties. "Phoebe" goes upstairs just before Sheridan arrives to question Piper about the city councilman's disappearance. Sheridan is not satisfied with Piper's answers and leaves, even more suspicious of the sisters.

Paige goes to Mitchell again. He confesses why he has stopped using magic: demons had killed his fiancée trying to get to him. He had been late and thinks he could have saved her. Paige tells him about her own experience in losing her parents and how she went back in time and tried to fix it but couldn't. She tells him that even though they have powers, they can't save everyone and fix everything. Paige finally convinces him that this wasn't his fault.

Phoebe (in Imara's body) pretends to be Imara, claiming that the sisters reversed the spell. One of the henchmen is skeptical and shimmers to the manor. He sees Imara in Phoebe's body, but she has to cover and calls for Piper. Piper comes in and vanquishes the henchman. Piper and "Phoebe" recognize the henchman as the demon who attacked them earlier. Paige orbs into the attic and "Phoebe" tells her they have a demon to vanquish. "Phoebe" points to the page for Imara and claims that she's the demon that's after them.

The other henchman finally frees Phoebe, but her sisters and Imara show up. "Phoebe" throws a potion and vanquishes "Imara". She then admits to the soul-swap before shimmering away.

Imara about to be vanquished

Back at the manor, Piper is beating herself up while Paige and Leo try to calm her down. Leo realizes that all they have to do is switch back Phoebe and Imara's souls to save Phoebe. Piper notes that Imara isn't going to let them get close enough to get a lock of Phoebe's hair, but Paige knows someone who can. Mitchell, using his super speed power, gets a lock of Phoebe's hair while Imara is vanquishing Benzor; a demon posing as a judge. As Imara shimmers in, Piper and Paige complete a potion and then use a spell to return Phoebe's soul to her body. The spell also obliterated Imara's essence since she didn't have her demon body to return to.

At the Bay Mirror, Elise shows Phoebe the newspaper page of her column and tells her that it's word for word what she wrote. Phoebe's curious about Dr. Randall, but Elise tells her that he's no longer with the paper. Elise tells Phoebe that she fired him after he claimed that Phoebe came on to him and said that he could do anything he wanted with her column. Elise also tells Phoebe that she told the legal department that they haven't had a problem with her column, and that until they do, they should back off. Phoebe thanks Elise for the vote of confidence but tells her that she thinks her column could use a little bit more professional insight. Elise wonders what Phoebe's plan is, but Phoebe tells her that she has to run it by her sisters first.

At P3, Piper tells Paige that she hopes the demons took note of their rampage. Paige remarks that they've only killed Imara, but Phoebe comes over and says that they also think she killed Daleek and Benzor. Phoebe then announces to her sisters that she's decided to go back to college for her graduate degree. Phoebe tells them that it'll get the paper off her back and that she can get her professional credentials. She even tells them that she thinks it might help her become an even better columnist. Paige is worried about Inspector Sheridan and tells her sisters that she thinks Sheridan is going to be a problem again.

The final scene introduces Inspector Ryan, who tells Sheridan that a judge has disappeared. She begins investigating the sisters again.

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