"Wait, Frankie, hold it. I see it. You're having dinner with a blonde woman, she's gorgeous, all over you. Then some redhead shows up. You look surprised. Ooh, she looks pissed. Your wife?"
Phoebe telling Frankie about her vision.[src]

Frankie was a manager at the Hotel Neptune, who hired Phoebe Halliwell as a lobby psychic.



Phoebe getting a premonition about Frankie.

Frankie walked Phoebe around the hotel, explaining that no other hotel did psychic readings at the bar. Phoebe said that she's a natural born psychic, but Frankie didn't believe her and questioned her "methods". She tried to explain how her power works, though he dismissed her and walks off, believing she was not right for the job. Phoebe then grabbed his arm and got a premonition about him having dinner with a beautiful blonde, which was interrupted by the arrival of a redhead. After telling him about her premonition and guessing the redhead was his wife, Frankie hired her on the spot.

Frankie later confronted Phoebe when she was talking to Piper instead of her customers. Unknown to Frankie, Piper was with Mark, a spirit that needed help. Phoebe quickly told him that Piper was just leaving and went back to work.

Frankie later called Phoebe when an important guest arrived at the hotel. He wanted her to do a reading and tried to introduce her. However, before he could, Phoebe ran after a guest who forgot his wallet and received a premonition about that man getting hit by a car. When Frankie asked her what happened, Phoebe said it was nothing. She went out of her way to save the man, despite his refusal to listen.

Phoebe later quit her job at the hotel when she got enough money for Prue's birthday.


Frankie appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.