Frank Pirelli is the president and CEO of Luxirom, a major ISP headquartered in San Francisco.


In 2001, Luxirom entered talks to merge with another ISP, MetaSatellite. The merged company would have controlled nearly all of the world's Internet traffic. At the eleventh hour, however, Pirelli started having second thoughts about the deal.

Unknown to Pirelli, the investment bank financing the deal had been taken over by the Brotherhood of the Thorn, an elite society of upper-level demons. When the Brotherhood got wind that Pirelli was getting cold feet, they decided to kill him and have the Brotherhood's second-in-command, Vornac, pose as Pirelli at the vote.

Cole and the Charmed Ones got wind that the Brotherhood had Pirelli in its sights. At considerable risk, Cole, who had been a high-profile member of the Brotherhood when he was Belthazor, pretended to rejoin his former friends. The Brotherhood was naturally suspicious, and decided to test his loyalty by having him kill Pirelli with an energy ball. Just as Cole threw it, Piper froze the scene, and Leo orbed Pirelli to the manor for safekeeping until the vote. The Charmed Ones slipped him a sleeping potion Phoebe brewed up and hid him in the basement.

When the Brotherhood couldn't find Pirelli's remains, they suspected Cole had tipped off the Charmed Ones. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Cole offered to get Pirelli himself. While several demons attacked the manor as a diversion, Cole and his old friend, Tarkin, slipped into the basement and took Pirelli to an undisclosed location. After the Charmed Ones killed Vornac, they were able to get Pirelli back in time to scuttle the merger.


Frank Pirelli appeared in 1 episode during the series.