Florence Nestor-Haynes is the owner of the newspaper Cairn Clarion. She acts as the editor, publisher, reporter, and occasionally press.


While looking for information about Abigail Thornwood and the local incidents in the 1980's, Phoebe Halliwell befriended Florence due to their mutual profession and Florence led her to the archives where she could find the information.

On the day of a Solar Eclipse, Phoebe realized Florence and her son were targets of Abigail's revenge, and called Florence to tell her to witness the reversing of electromagnetic energies in Mystic Knoll that were causing unexplainable things to occur in town. In truth, they were hoping to lure Abigail's daughter to the same location so they may stop her.

Afterwards, Florence and Troy started asking the witnesses questions.


Florence Nestor-Haynes appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.