"They, uh, sort of had vampire teeth and they were floating."
Phoebe describing The Seekers.[src]

Floating is the ability to rise a few inches off the ground and float around. Users are somewhat more agile while using this ability, as it allows them to quickly break their fall, as well as dodge attacks.


This ability is commonly possessed by spirits and similar beings, who can effortlessly move through the air. A pair of demons known as the Seekers also possessed this power, which they used to silently move around. It can also be considered a weaker version of Levitation.

The Avatars were able to use this ability by changing into the form of floating heads.

This power can also be accessed through powers such as Flight and Levitation. For instance, when Phoebe Halliwell had trouble with her powers, her power of Levitation only allowed her to rise a few inches off the ground. It also bears similarities to Gliding, an aspect of levitation, which allows users to glide through the air at any height.

Some objects also possess the power to float, for example, Buddha's Mystical Staff seemed to be at least partially sentient, as it was seen floating on its own several times. This is most notable when it's in the car with Piper.

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  • In "I've Got You Under My Skin", when Javna tried to use his power on Prue, she began to float towards him until she reflected his rays with a mirror. The reason for her floating has never been explained.


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