Paige: "Flo, what happened?"
Flo: "I just got fired, that's what happened."

Flo was a colleague of Paige Matthews when she worked at Ritz, Teukolsky and Ruben for one of her many temp jobs. Flo was getting sexually harassed by her boss. When she refused his advances, he threatened to fire her. Paige then glamoured into Flo and orbed a flower pot at his head, thus saving Flo from getting fired.


Meeting Paige[]

Paige: "I would have gone in with you if you asked."
Flo: "I did, I asked you yesterday. Obviously I don't rank high enough in importance for you to remember."
— Paige talking to Flo when she got fired.[src]

Flo met Paige when she first acquired the temp job and they formed a friendship. When Mr Stewart asked Flo to come into his office the following day, she asked Paige to come with her, because she was afraid of getting fired. Due to the fact that the Cleaners had erased the events of that day, Paige did not remember and Flo was fired.

Getting Harassed and Fired[]

When the sisters cast a spell to relive the previous day, Paige returned to the office. Flo told her Mr. Stewick had called her into his office and that she was afraid of getting fired. She explained that he had been asking her out since she started working there and that she had thrown a drink in his face after he grabbed her ass. Flo then pointed out that she really needed this job.

Being Saved by Paige[]

Charmed603 765

Flo gives Paige a hug.

Flo: "Thanks, Paige, for whatever you just did for me in here."
Paige: "I was wondering why I took this job and now I know. Thank you."
— Paige thanking Flo.[src]

The following day, Paige glamoured into Flo and went to meet Mr. Stewart. He told her he would not fire her if she made it "worth his while". Paige then orbed a flower pot at his head, knocking him out, before reversing the glamour. Paige then met with Flo and told her that she heard Mr. Stewart threatening her. Flo thanked Paige for saving her job.


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Flo has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.