Firestarters are magical creatures with the power of pyrokinesis. When their emotions are heightened, they can concentrate and create fire or cause things to burst into flames. The power usually manifests in adolescence, in the form of headaches when they become particularly emotional, that result in things bursting into flames.[2]

Not particularly common, they can be good or evil. Because of their advanced power, they are tracked by Demonic Bounty Hunters, to be given to and trained by a demon called Ludlow, who would train them to become bodyguards to the Source of All Evil.

Archai are often mistaken for Firestarters.[3] For this reason, Ludlow targeted Tyler Michaels, even though he was actually an Archai.

Book of Shadows

Firestarter bos

An Entry on Firestarters helps Tyler

The Firestarter
An extremely rare
and coveted magical
creature, usually a mortal. The power
is linked to their emotions. It first manifests
in adolescence with the onset of puberty.
If subjugated while still impressionable, they
can be persuaded to use their powers for evil.
Because of this, they are often trained to be
bodyguards of the Source.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create and manipulate fire.

Notable Firestarters

Notes and Trivia

  • For most of the series, it was believed that Tyler Michaels was a Firestarter, though it is revealed in season 10 that he is an Archai.
  • Tyler and Christy both initially triggered their power in similar ways. When they got a headache, they would grab their temples and a fire would erupt. This is likely how Piper was able to tell Christy was a firestarter in "The Last Temptation of Christy".
  • In the non-canon novel The Brewing Storm, a firestarter plays an essential role on the Night of Aeolus. Every century, when nature falls out of harmony, a firestarter is responsible to gather three other Elementals in the Circle of Gaea and join their powers to restore order of nature by performing the Ritual of the Guardians. In the novel, there was a firestarter named Christopher Young. He died before accomplishing his task and Tyler Michaels became his substitute.
    • The reveal that Tyler is actually an Archai in the comics makes the novel non-canon.



  1. Although the comics reveal Tyler was only mistaken for a Firestarter.
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