Fiona Dunne is a Ghost Hunter who appeared in the Charmed novel Trickery Treat. She had minor psychic abilities that enable her to sense mystical energy and the presence of spirits.


Interactions with Spiritual Energy

Fiona had been able to sense the presence of spirits and phenomenal energies for a long time. She eventually designed her own website that tells her adventures and knowledge about ghosts. Over the years, she actually learned to handle spirits to some extent. Ken Carson, a psychology assistant professor, has been trying to discredit her work for years.

Angering Sheldon Winters

A year ago, she visited an old house haunted by Sheldon Winters and his wife Victoria. While there, she uncovered the truth that Victoria was killed by her husband who later committed suicide. The revelation gave Victoria peace and she moved on, leaving Sheldon alone for eternity. On Halloween night in 2006, Sheldon was able to channel enough energy to leave his spiritual grounds and went after Fiona, intending to make her replace his wife. That night, Fiona visited Halliwell Manor to investigate the mystical energy coming from it. She had visited the house three years before and noticed how all the residual phenomenal energy gathered in the house suddenly disappeared, then began to build up again.

The ghost chased away the party guests, leaving only the sisters, Fiona, Andrew O'Brian, Fiona's skeptical rival Ken Carson, and Phoebe's husband Coop. Sheldon openly stated his intentions and possessed Coop for this goal. Once the spirit was gone, Fiona and Coop lured the ghost away by going to his house, while the sisters left to find his grave and banish him with a potion.

She found out the Halliwell sisters were witches, but agreed to keep their secret.

Powers and Abilities

Active Powers
  • Sensing: The ability to determine the location of another being or object. Fiona could sense spirits and mystical energy.


Fiona Dunne has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the course of the franchise.