Finn was a golem, an artificial creature, created by Gammill to lure young women into his lair so that Gammill could turn them into figurines. He was created with the exact appearance of Gammill's handsome looks before he was cursed by a witch.



In the 1970's, a witch cursed Gammill to make his physical appearance as ugly as his heart. To continue his collecting hobby, he created Finn out of clay based on his former looks to continue luring young women to his house.


Overtime, Finn developed a conscience and started feeling remorse with his actions. He met Paige Matthews in 2001 and started falling for her. Out of conscience, he then revealed the truth to her about what he was, and proved it by showing that he didn't have a belly button. After his betrayal, Gammill waited for Finn and the sisters at their manor, where he destroyed Finn with an Energy Beam.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Finn asked for water to keep his skin wet. This suggests his body could feel uncomfortable if he abstained from water for prolonged periods of time.


Finn appeared in just 1 episode throughout the series.