"What are you, a lawyer?"
—The driver to Cole Turner.[src]

The unnamed Female Driver was a young woman who was killed by Cole Turner in an attempt to frame Paige Matthews for a hit and run.


While Paige was driving, Dex, a demon working for Cole, used his power of Technopathy on Paige's car, causing its tire to blow. Paige's car spun and collided with another car. Paige suffered a mild concussion and the female driver was hurt as well. While at the hospital, Paige was arrested for a hit and run.

Cole later appeared in the hospital and killed the female driver with Pressurization, making it seem as if she died from a blood clot in the brain. The charges against Paige were then raised to vehicular homicide.


The Female Driver appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.