The DJ: "Who are you?"
Barbas: "A demon. A demon who has the power to turn the innermost fears of a mortal into reality and there's nothing you can do about it. Want to see?"
Barbas shows his power to the DJ.[src]

Fear Projection is the power to bring the fears of others to life. This power is unique to the demon Barbas, and is known as the demon of fear because of it.


Projecting fear into reality[]

Paige: "What does this Barbas do? What's his thing?"
Piper: "He brings really bad things to life."
Leo: " Your worst fears to be exact"
— Discussing how Barbas' power work.[src]

Barbas can read the fears of other beings and then project them into reality. Doing so will send their fear into overdrive, as they are forced to experience their greatest fear, paralyzing them until they die of a heart attack.

The change in reality can sometimes cause injury to the victim, as in the case of Tanjella. However, in Zoe's case, she suffered no other injuries other than a heart attack when he trapped her in a circle of fire.

In 1998, Barbas tried to kill Prue by using her fear of drowning against her. However, Patty's ghost came to her rescue and helped her to overcome her fears. This act neutralized Barbas's power and sent him to Purgatory.

Creating illusions based on fear[]

Anigif barbasfearprojection
Paige: "Don't you see it? (Paige sees the walls moving inwards.) The walls are moving in on me. (She tries to leave the nursery but the door slams shut.) Help, get me outta here!"
Piper: " Paige, it's just a hallucination."
— The Charmed Ones amid Barbas's latest attack.[src]

Barbas can also create realistic illusions based on a person's fears. His illusions may be limited to visible manifestations that affect only sight, or affect all the five senses so that they cannot be distinguished from reality.

Barbas usually employs this method when he's attacking people within a group, presumably because he has to attack them individually because each person's fear is different.[1] However, it is just as effective as projecting someone's fear it into reality, because the victim will think the illusions are real.

In 2000, Barbas uses this aspect of his power to scare D.J. by forcing him to witness an illusion of his greatest fear, which was Bane Jessup shooting him. Afterwards, illusion-Bane disappeared as well as D.J.'s illusionary wounds.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • When this power is used on witches the fear will paralyze their powers, making them unable to defend themselves due to their powers being tied to their emotions. However, if one overcomes their fears and regains control over their emotions, they will be able to use their powers freely.
    • Recognizing one's greatest desire can help one overcome their fear, as seen in "A Call to Arms".
  • Those affected by this power may find their hair turn white in the process, as seen in "From Fear to Eternity".


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