"I don't understand. Faustian deals have been around for more than a century but there is nothing in here on how to break them. How is that possible?"
Paige Matthews while checking the Book of Shadows.[src]

Faustian Deals are demonic deals in which mortals sign over their soul in return for their desires, such as power, riches and success. Several demons are known to trade in these demonic pacts.



The self-proclaimed Queen of the Underworld, Hecate made a deal with a woman named Grace Spencer for riches and success. In return, Grace would offer her son in marriage so Hecate could create her demonic spawn. The Charmed Ones defeated the demon and banished her back to the Underworld.[1]


The demon Masselin helped mortals achieve their goals in return for souls. Jeff Carlton made a pact with the demon to become a successful music manager. As payment, he offered the souls of fans and groupies for the demon to devour. He was vanquished by Prue and the deal broken. The manager was arrested for kidnapping and the victims rescued.[2]


The demon Zahn grew from a weak low-level demon to a powerful upper-level demon by trading in deals with mortals and auctioning off their souls for powers, which made him invincible. He claimed the soul of Larry Henderson, causing Paige Matthews to confront him to save her employer's soul. Since the deals were written on paper, the Charmed Ones were able to break the magical agreements by burning all the contracts. Zahn lost all of his traded powers and the Charmed Ones were able to vanquish him.[3]


Count Roget revealed he made a pact with a demon named Sargon to save his club. Instead, the demon trapped the entire club in a time loop and forced them to relive the fire that killed them each day. After Count Roget was banished, the deal was broken and the souls set free.[4]

Zahn's Faustian Deal[]


Zahn's Faustian Deal


Paige signed a Faustian Deal

Faustian Deal[]

The undersigned hereby exchanges eternal rights to
his/her soul to the demon Zahn in exchange for
riches unimaginable. At the time of the undersign's
death, his/her soul will become property of Zahn to trade or
sell as he sees fit.
Furthermore, any party engaging in before mentioned
agreement will note that should Zahn perish
prematurely, souls in his possession will burn in
flames for all eternity. Subject to the provisions set forth
above, the agreement is legally binding and will begin
immediately upon signature.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The name Faustian Deal is derived from the German legend of Faust, a scholar who traded his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures.
  • Although many episodes feature demonic deals, they are only referred to as Faustian Deals in "Soul Survivor".
  • Presumably this is the kind of deal Drake dè Mon made with an unnamed sorcerer to become a human.
  • When Zahn made deals, his "clients" signed papers with a quill that temporarily ignites as they write.

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