"It appears I have the ability to understand what people are feeling even without a magic assist."
—Father Thomas talking to Prue Halliwell.

Father Thomas was a mortal, who through reincarnation became an immortal empath, who currently works as a priest. Besides Immortality, he also had the power to feel the emotions of others, and heal emotional pain; the latter he channeled through his hands. However, in 1996, he cursed a demon named Vinceres with his empathic gifts, which were permanently lost when Vinceres was vanquished the year 2000.


First Life[]

"My power to ease human suffering lay in my hands"
—Father Thomas talking about his Empathy Power.

Father Thomas was a mortal who died and was later reborn as an immortal Empath. He was then sent back down to earth where he eventually became a compassionate, kindly and active priest.

Losing his Empathy[]

Father Thomas: "When the demon took my throat to kill me, I laid my hands on him as if to heal him"
Phoebe: " And you gave him your power"
— Father Thomas to The Charmed Ones.

In 1996, he was attacked by the demon Vinceres. When he placed his hands on the demon's chest (the same way he healed humans), he transferred his empathy powers to Vinceres, cursing him in the process as demons cannot handle human emotions.

Only afterwards Father Thomas felt that he had also cursed himself as well; cursed to live an immortal life with no purpose. Without his empathic powers, Father Thomas felt he was unable to fulfill his role as a priest and healer therefor had no reason to exist at all. Spiraling into a deep depression, Father Thomas had a nervous breakdown a year later, and was committed to Crest Hills Psychiatric Hospital.

Return of Vinceres[]

"My only concern is the empath who cursed me, Father Thomas. And I know just where to track him down."
—Vinceres talking about Father Thomas.[src]

Later on, the Charmed Ones sought him out, and after an indirect encouragement from Piper, who became extremely annoyed with his lack of confidence and pessimistic nature, he ended up teaching Prue how to control the power of empathy. This ultimately led to Prue being able to vanquish the thought-unstoppable Vinceres. With this, although he didn't regain his ability, Father Thomas regained his long-lost confidence, realizing that he did not need magic to help people. He returned to his church with Leo's aid.

Powers and Abilities[]

Current Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to live for an infinitely long lifespan and an arrested aging process.

Former Powers

  • Empathy: The ability to feel and understand other people's feelings and emotions.
    • Empathic Healing: The ability to heal emotional anguish. Father Thomas could heal emotional suffering, akin to Whitelighters healing physical wounds. He channeled this ability through his hand. He could also heal emotional wounds through counseling by using ones intimate knowledge of what the other person is feeling or has gone through, and then offering them advice.
    • Power Granting: The ability to confer powers to another being. It was through the use of this aspect that Father Thomas lost his empathy. He laid his hands on Vinceres and transferred his empathy power to him.


Father Thomas appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.