"Nothing. It's just something I know Brendan's been wrestling with his whole life."
—Father Austin to Prue.[src]

Father Austin was a mortal priest. He was guiding Brendan Rowe down the path to become a priest and escape his evil heritage. He was the priest of Andy Trudeau.


Father Austin was comforting Brendan Rowe at the church when he feared that he could not overcome the evil in his blood. However, at that moment his brothers appeared and tried to convince him to join their coven. When Brendan refused, Greg Rowe attacked him, but was chased off by Prue Halliwell.

Prue later went to Father Austin to get more information about Brendan. He directed her to find him at the stables. A little while later, Greg and Paul Rowe attacked the priest and left him seriously injured. However, Prue wrongfully believes Brendan is responsible when she sees him standing over the priest in his warlock-form, though he manages to convince her to help him stop his half-brothers.

After the police had been called, Andy Trudeau and Darryl Morris arrived and Andy told Prue that Father Austin was his priest and was very angered by what had happened. Father Austin was taken to the hospital treated in the intensive care unit.

The Charmed Ones later helped Brendan reject his evil heritage and stop his brothers. Brendan was later ordained and became a priest. Andy later mentioned to Prue that Father Austin would make a full recovery, and that it was Brendan's brothers who attacked him.


Father Austin appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.