"He has fallen from grace."
Odin upon Leo falling from grace[src]

Falling from Grace is a term used when the Elders, and possibly other angelic beings such as Angels and Whitelighters, give up their resolve and all magical powers to live out a mortal life. The concept is similar to 'clipping their wings', but is more profound, as the person in question loses their reason for being what they are.


The only known Elder to Fall From Grace was Leo Wyatt after the Elders manipulated him into staying an Elder and leaving his family. Upon Piper's near death she called for Leo. Leo remembered Piper and jumped off of Golden Gate Bridge, his Elder robes and powers disappearing as he fell. It is unknown if this is the only way to Fall From Grace.


  • Falling from grace is a common term referring to a loss of status, respect or prestige. The term comes from the biblical Fall of Man, where God cast Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden due to the original sin.
  • Apparently, this procedure is similar to voluntary resignation, like what Elder Ramus was going to do. However, this procedure is only possible on the Equinox and required him to find a replacement or his powers will would be lost for good.
  • In Let Gorgons Be Gorgons, it turned out that Cupids can also fall, but for them this process does not seem to be accompanied by a transformation into a mortal.