Piper with her family's Fairy Tale book, open on the Snow White story.

"They're real. At least they used to be."
Penny Halliwell on fairy tales[src]

Fairy Tales are historic recounts of ancient battles between Good and Evil, often believed to be fables by today's neophyte witches, and are a part of every magical being's magical heritage. Every copy is a manifestation of the original which is entrusted to a keeper and his apprentice for safety. These copies are made to teach children the values of good and evil. If evil succeeds in using fairy tale magic for dark purposes, the fairy tales will be rewritten, effectively changing the stories already in print in the process.

The Keeper of Fairy Tales


The hidden fortress where the Keeper and his apprentice guard over all fairy tales.

Along with his apprentice, the Keeper of Fairy Tales is responsible for preserving, guarding, and protecting all fairy tale artifacts. Each of these artifacts contains powerful magic, which is why they are kept safe from the forces of evil. Should they fell into the wrong hands, they could change the meaning of fairy tales, shifting them away from good. This would cause the corruption of future generations to be made easy for all sorts of evil.

The Keeper and his apprentice live in a hidden fortress to protect all fairytales. To ensure its safety, the location has even been kept secret from the Elders. The only known way to access the fortress is through a portal. Such portals can be created when wearing a fairy tale character's attire, such as the Red Cloak from Little Red Riding Hood and touching a story belonging to the respective character on a book.

List of Fairy Tales mentioned on the series

Fairy Tale Artifacts

Cinderellas slippers

Cinderella's glass slippers

Other artifacts include:
  • Chinese Lanterns
  • Swords
  • Golden Statue
  • Medieval Chair
  • Golden Eggs
  • Lantern

Notes and Trivia

  • Paige Matthews remembers her past life as the Evil Enchantress as a fairy tale since childhood.[1] This would later convince her that fairy tales were based on real events.[2]
  • Three years later, two demons named Paul Haas and Black Heart use the idea of Alice in Wonderland to lure innocent teens into a world of illusion in order to draw the Charmed Ones out of hiding.[3]
  • Though Excalibur belonged to Arthurian legends, it was never acquired as a relic for the fairy tales.[4]


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