Fairy dust is a magical powder most likely created by fairies in their Enchanted Realm. The dust has very powerful magical properties, which can be used by fairies and all others in possession of the dust, to perform various feats of magic.

List of Users

Powers and Abilities

Fairy dust can be used to access magical powers such as:

  • Shrinking: The ability to shrink the size of objects or beings.
  • Transformation: The ability to manipulate reality to transform any object or being into something else.
  • Power Negation: The ability to cancel out the magical powers of other beings. When Paige was turned to stone by the Titan Meta, fairy dust was part of a combination used (a Leprechaun's luck, a Dwarf's axe, and Phoebe's magical potion) to free her from her petrified state.
  • Cloaking: The ability to hide the presence of oneself or others, preventing others from discovering one's location. When the Titans charged the Heavens in an attempt to wipe out the Elders, Leo used fairy dust to create a sanctuary by cloaking an area, effectively preventing the Titans from finding the location.
  • Fairy dust also allows other beings who normally cannot see fairies, such as adults, to become able to see fairies by making their eyes innocent again. However, this has the side effect of reverting adults to a childlike state.


  • Fairy dust is highly similar to Tuatha's magical dust, as both substances allow the user to perform various kinds of magic.


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