Fading is an energy-based form of teleportation, the magical ability to move from one place to another without traveling through the space in between. The power to fade is possessed by various magical beings, both good and evil and can take on various appearances.

Fading mostly has a light or energy based appearance, however, several users rise from the ground or sink down when using this power, most prominently the Triad and the Dark Priestess Dantalian.

List of Users

Through spell, potion, power stealing, etc.


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Notes and Trivia

The Tall Man had a unique method of Fading.

  • Due to being used by many beings both good and evil, Fading is the method of teleportation with the most variations in appearance. Several beings have a form of Fading that seems unique to them, such as the Tall Man.

See also


  1. Through nature, such as trees, bushes etc.
  2. In Season 8, others possess Shimmering instead.
  3. After having stolen Cole's powers.
  4. Through the powers obtained from the Demonic Wasteland.
  5. Through the use of a Teleportation Potion.