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1. The Honeymoon's Over
2. Magic Hour
3. Once Upon a Time
4. All Halliwell's Eve
5. Sight Unseen
6. Primrose Empath

7. Power Outage
8. Sleuthing with the Enemy
9. Coyote Piper
10. We All Scream For Ice Cream
11. Blinded by the Whitelighter
12. Wrestling with Demons

13. Bride and Gloom
14. The Good, the Bad and the Cursed
15. Just Harried
16. Death Takes a Halliwell
17. Pre-Witched

18. Sin Francisco
19. The Demon Who Came in From the Cold
20. Exit Strategy
21. Look Who's Barking
22. All Hell Breaks Loose

Teleplay by: Peter Hume & Daniel Cerone

Season 3, Episode 20

Episode 64

[Scene: Mausoleum. Prue walks in.]

Prue: Phoebe? Phoebe, are you in here? (She sees Phoebe asleep next to a crypt.) Hey, sweetie, wake up.

(Phoebe wakes up.)

Phoebe: Cole?

Prue: No, it's just me. Come on, let's go home.

Phoebe: No, I have to wait here for Cole.

Prue: Phoebe, you can't just wait here, alright. He will know where to find you. Come on.

(Phoebe stands up.)

Phoebe: I don't understand. He was supposed to go back under so that they wouldn't be suspicious of him, but it's been over a week.

Prue: He probably just hasn't found a safe way out yet, that's all.

Phoebe: But what if he can't? What is the brotherhood found him out?

Prue: Look, even if they did, he would put some sort of a spin on it to, you know, get out of it. Come on, you know Cole, he knows what he's doing. You don't make demon of the century without having a few tricks up your sleeve.

Phoebe: I just hope he's okay, Prue.

(They walk out of the mausoleum.)

[Scene: A cave in the underworld. Cole is lying on a large rock. Raynor and Tarkin are standing beside him. Raynor has his hand held out above Cole's head, reading his thoughts.]

Raynor: Seems our brother's suspicions are well founded.

Tarkin: Why? What do you see?

Raynor: Sickness. The kind that only comes from being under the world of light for too long. It's contaminated him.

Tarkin: That's impossible, Raynor. A demon as great as Belthazor.

Raynor: It's not his demon half that's been infected, it's his human half. He's in love.

Tarkin: The witch.

Raynor: Not just any witch, one of the Charmed Ones. But she's only loved him, she's turned him against us, sent him here to destroy us.

Tarkin: Well, then we must destroy him.

Raynor: You still have so much to learn, Tarkin. You don't just kill a demon like Belthazor.

Tarkin: But he betrayed us.

Raynor: And in so doing, he's acquired the knowledge of how to kill the Charmed Ones. Something no other demon's been able to accomplish. That with his power makes a very precious commodity for us, one worthy of saving.

Tarkin: But how can...?

Raynor: How can we save him? Simple. We remove the only thing that's re-awakened his human half. His only foot hole to good. The witch's love for him.

Opening Credits

[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Piper is sitting at the table. She pours dozens of books and papers from a box onto the table, and starts looking through them.]

Piper: Okay.

(Leo walks in holding a French/English dictionary.)

Leo: Oú est l' tour Eiffel. That is 'Where is the Eiffel Tower?'

Piper: In my dreams if we don't get you a passport.

Leo: Honey, we don't need a passport to honeymoon in Paris. With a blink of an orb, we can be sipping champagne at the Champs Sel Seasay.

(Piper giggles.)

Piper: Yes, as romantic as you make that sound, I would rather fly Air France, than Air Leo. Just like every other normal newlywed.

Leo: Well, great, except that we're not.

Piper: Well, a passport for you could change all that, if I could just find... voila! Birth certificate. (She holds it up.)

Leo: Where did you get that?

Piper: From Dan's old file, the one he put together when he was suspicious of you. You remember him, don't ya?

Leo: Let's see, perfect hair, cleft chin, tried to steal you away from me? Vaguely, vaguely. (Leo snatches the birth certificate off of Piper.) This isn't gonna work, I was born in 1924.

Piper: No, you weren't. (She snatches it back.) Okay, off-white background, black ink... Little trick I learned in high school.

Leo: You're gonna forge my birth certificate.

Piper: No. Just going to change one little number. (She white outs the number.) So, 1924 becomes 1974. And just like that, you are fifty years younger. (She writes in the seven.) Wait a minute, that makes you 27. That's younger than me. Maybe I should change another number.

Leo: Piper, this is completely illegal.

Piper: Yeah? Well, so is marrying a dead guy, okay? (She holds up his death certificate.) Let's not get technical now.

(Prue walks in.)

Prue: Morning. What's up?

Leo: Well, probably three to five years jail if we're lucky.

(Prue gives a confused look.)

Piper: Never mind. Were you up late working again?

Prue: No, I was up looking for Phoebe. Three guesses where she was.

Piper: Hmm, the mausoleum?

Prue: Yeah, it's become like her second home.

Leo: Still no word from Cole?

Prue: No, and you know what? You would think he could take three lousy seconds just to shimmer and let all of us know that he's okay.

Leo: Maybe he can't, maybe he's afraid he'll get caught.

Piper: Maybe he already has.

[Scene: Cave in the underworld. Raynor and Tarkin walk over to Cole.]

Raynor: Just follow my lead.

(Raynor wakes up Cole.)

Cole: Raynor.

(He sits up.)

Raynor: Good to see you're still with us, Belthazor.

Cole: What happened?

Raynor: I tried to kill you. Accidentally, of course. I didn't recognise you in your human form, my mistake.

Tarkin: Not many are strong enough to survive an energy bolt, Belthazor. You're lucky.

Raynor: Forgive me.

(Ranor holds out his hand. Cole hesitates for a moment, then shakes it.)

Cole: How could I not? After all, you taught me everything I know.

Raynor: Well, not everything.

Cole: How long was I out?

Raynor: Long enough for us to investigate reports that you crossed over to the other side.

(Cole walks over to some water.)

Cole: Rumours, not reports.

Tarkin: Don't worry, we don't blame you for the failed hit last week. Even if you were seduced by one of the witches that thwarted our plan.

(Cole wipes some water on his neck.)

Cole: I already explained to you that I was over her.

Tarkin: Yeah, but you didn't explain that she was one of the Charmed Ones.

Raynor: It doesn't matter that you're straight, Belthazor, as long as you're back. To that end, I have an assignment for you. Something that only your powers can achieve. I need you to get me a magical amulet, one that's hanging from the neck of a witch. Problem?

Cole: Just that it's a little bit risky, don't you think? Sending me after a witch with the Charmed Ones on my trail?

Raynor: Tarkin will provide backup. That way if they show up you can catch them by surprise. That should take care of all our problems now, shouldn't it?

Cole: Where do I get the amulet? (Raynor waves his hand in front of Cole's face.) This shouldn't take long.

(Cole shimmers out.)

Tarkin: Think he'll actually get the amulet?

Raynor: Yes, but not before he tells his beloved witch what he's about to do. Then that should plant the first seed of suspicion in her heart.

[Scene: Manor. Phoebe's room. Phoebe is sitting in front of the mirror putting on makeup. Cole shimmers in behind her. She sees his reflection in the mirror.]

Phoebe: Promise me when I turn around you'll still be there.

(She quickly turns around. She walks over to him and they kiss passionately.)

Cole: I've missed you so much.

Phoebe: I've missed you too.

Cole: They've given me an assignment. One that if I turn down...

Phoebe: What do you mean an assignment? What kind of assignment?

Cole: I can't tell you.

Phoebe: Wh--

(Cole sits down on the bed.)

Cole: They've asked me to steal an amulet from a witch.

Phoebe: A witch?

Cole: Don't worry, I won't hurt her.

Phoebe: Oh, well, that's good news, Cole. You can't do this!

Cole: You think I want to, damn it! (He gets back up and walks across the room.) Phoebe, I just have to buy some time so I can figure a way out. In the mean time, I have to at least pretend like I'm evil.

Phoebe: No, but don't you see? If you turn into Belthazor, then you will be evil.

Cole: What makes you think I'll have to?

Phoebe: Well, because an amulet protects. It takes someone of great strength to overcome that. Why do you think they choose you?

Cole: To set me up perhaps. (He sits back on the bed.) Raynor may be on to me.

Phoebe: Who's Raynor?

Cole: He's the head of the brotherhood. And my old mentor. He has the power to read thoughts, and if he's read mine...

(Phoebe kneels beside him.)

Phoebe: Prue and I will come with you, and watch your back.

Cole: No, no, no, you can't. That could be exactly what Raynor's expecting you do. He could be setting me up to get to you. I have to do this alone.

Phoebe: Cole, I...

(He pulls her up on the bed and puts his arms around her.)

Cole: Trust me, okay? I know what I am doing. Just concentrate on finishing the potion. If it works, Belthazor will disappear and Raynor won't be able to track me. Then, (they kiss) we can be together.

(They kiss again and Cole shimmers out in the middle. Phoebe sighs.)

[Cut to the stairs. Phoebe runs down them.]

Phoebe: Prue? Prue?

(Prue runs in.)

Prue: Hey, what's wrong?

Phoebe: Cole's in trouble, I need your help.

Prue: Uh, okay, anything.

Phoebe: We need to scry for a witch, fast.

Prue: Alright.

(They run up the stairs.)

[Cut to a Wicca shop. A witch is there. Cole shimmers in.]

Witch: Who are you? How did you get in here?

Cole: Just do exactly as I say and I won't hurt you. Just take off the amulet and put it down.

Witch: I've been sworn to protect it.

Cole: And I've been ordered to steal it. (She backs away.) Don't fight me. I beg you.

(He reaches out for the amulet. A blue light shoots out of it and he is thrown back into boxes. He gets back up.)

Witch: You can't take it from me.

Cole: Maybe I can't.

(He changes into Belthazor.)

Belthazor: But I can. (He walks over to the witch. A bright blue light shields the witch. He reaches through the shield and takes the amulet from around her neck. The shield disappears. He grabs her, then realises what he's doing and lets go.) Tell no one about the amulet. Not even your Whitelighter.

(He shimmers out.)

[Scene: Passport Agency. Piper and Leo are waiting in line. Leo is filling out a form.]

Leo: Whitelighter. Is that my occupation or should I just put guardian angel?

(An elderly lady waiting in the line in front of them turns around.)

Piper: Hi, how you doing? (She turns back around.) (to Leo) What's the matter with you?

Leo: We shouldn't be here, Piper, this is wrong.

Piper: Wanting a normal life is not wrong, okay? In fact, it couldn't be anymore right. For crying out loud, stop being so good all the time. (The lady gives her a look.) Ha, newlyweds, first fight. Eyes front.

(The lady turns back to the front.)

Leo: Piper...

Piper: Leo, look, I love you, but I'm getting a migraine here, okay? Just, look, we're not hurting anyone, we're not breaking any commandments, okay? We just changed a lousy two to a lousy seven. So let go before I blow. (The line moves.) Okay, we're almost there.

(The Elders call Leo.)

Leo: Uh-oh.

Piper: What? Oh no. No-no-no-no-no, no. You can not leave right now, okay. Pretend you're, pretend you're out.

Leo: I can't do that.

Piper: Yes, you can. Come on.

Leo: I've gotta go.

Piper: Leo, you can't go right now, okay. We've been in this line for two and a half freakin' hours! (She points at the clock and it blows up. Everyone in the line ducks. Piper looks around.) Uh-oh.

[Cut to the Wicca shop. Raynor appears. He looks around and sees the witch hiding in the corner.]

Witch: Who are you? If you've come for the amulet, it's gone.

Raynor: And yet you're still here. Living proof that Belthazor has indeed gone soft.

Witch: Belthazor?

Raynor: The demon that'll be blamed for your death.

(He throws an energy bolt at her. She screams and disappears.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Wicca Shop. Prue and Phoebe walk in. They look around.]

Phoebe: Anything?

Prue: No.

Phoebe: Do you think maybe we scryed for the wrong witch?

Prue: I don't think so.

(Prue sees burnt curtains and black marks on the wall.)

Phoebe: Scorch marks. Oh my god, do you think she's dead?

Prue: Unfortunately, I don't know what else to think.

Phoebe: That doesn't make any sense. Cole said she wouldn't get hurt.

Prue: Yeah, well, somebody sure fired an energy ball in here.

Phoebe: Somebody like Cole, you mean?

Prue: Phoebe, I'm not saying that it was Cole, okay? All that I'm telling you is what I see, what we both see. For what it's worth, I don't think it was Cole.

Phoebe: Thank you.

Prue: Alright, but if he didn't do it, who did?

Phoebe: Well, Cole said that he thought he was being set up by his mentor. So maybe he is, maybe they're trying to frame him.

Prue: Why?

Phoebe: I don't know, but if it's true, that means his cover's blown and we gotta get him outta there.

Prue: Yeah. (Leo orbs in.) Leo.

Phoebe: What are you doing here?

Leo: Looking for you. The Elders called me because a powerful amulet has been stolen.

Prue: Yeah, we know.

Leo: You do?

Prue: Yes, and the witch that had it has been killed.

Leo: It's supposed to protect her, that's why they gave it to her. Only the most evil of demons could have had the power to take it away.

Phoebe: And why would a demon want that amulet so bad?

Leo: Because it's one half of an ancient charm. Whoever connects the two amulets together, more than doubles, it protects your power. With it they become invincible.

Prue: Oh, that certainly explains why the brotherhood wanted Cole to get it.

Leo: Cole?

Phoebe: Forget it. Who's got the other half?

Leo: Another witch. The amulets were divided between two local covens for safe keeping, but the bearers have always been kept secret, guarded even from them.

Phoebe: Well, obviously that's why the brotherhood wants them both.

Leo: Only to destroy them so good can never use them. The amulet won't protect anyone evil.

Prue: Alright, we need to find that other witch before they do.

Phoebe: Okay, well, you go with Piper so I can work on Cole's potion.

Prue: Yeah. Speaking of, where's Piper?

Leo: Uh, she's at the manor recovering from a little problem we had at the passport office.

Prue: What problem?

Leo: Uh, well, she sorta blew some of it up.

[Scene: Cave in the underworld. Cole and Tarkin are waiting there. Cole is holding the amulet.]

Tarkin: Nervous?

Cole: Impatient. There's something you're not telling me, brother.

Tarkin: Actually, I was about to ask you the same question, brother.

(Raynor shimmers in.)

Raynor: Sorry to keep you waiting, I had business to attend to. (He walks over to Cole.) The amulet. (Cole hands him the amulet.) Must feel good to be back in the game, it was such a beautiful death.

Cole: What do you mean?

Raynor: The witch. How did you kill her?

Cole: I didn't. I'd never risk alerting the Charmed Ones just for the thrill of offing a low level witch.

Raynor: Too bad, I would and did. Don't make me clean up after you again.

Cole: You shouldn't have killed her, Raynor.

Raynor: You're right. You should have.

Cole: You told me to just get the amulet, you didn't say kill the witch.

Raynor: Some things go without saying.

Tarkin: You want me to get the second amulet?

Raynor: No, I want Belthazor to.

Cole: Let Tarkin. My strength isn't back yet. I could barely fight through the magic of the first amulet.

Raynor: You can do it, I know you. You're the great Belthazor, you can do anything you want. You've seem to forgotten that. Find the witch. (He waves his hand in front of Cole's face.) But this time show no mercy.

(Cole shimmers out.)

Tarkin: You think he'll do it?

Raynor: You keep pulling the bottle in front of him, sooner or later he's gonna take a drink.

Tarkin: What if he doesn't?

(A bright glowing ball appears in Raynor's hand.)

Raynor: Don't worry, I have insurance.

[Cut to the manor. Prue, Phoebe and Leo walk inside.]

Prue: Alright, I'll start scrying.

Leo: I don't think it'll work. The amulet wards off magic, all magic.

Phoebe: That must be why we didn't find the first witch in time. We didn't get a read on her until after the amulet was stolen.

Prue: Okay, but what happens if we don't find her before...

(They hear a loud noise coming from the kitchen.)

[Cut to the kitchen. Piper is there covered in pieces of watermelon. Prue, Phoebe and Leo walk in.]

Phoebe: Piper?

Prue: Uh, okay, was it a demon?

Piper: No, it was watermelon!

Phoebe: Honey, why did you vanquish watermelon?

Piper: I didn't vanquish watermelon. I threw it up in the air and I tried to freeze it and it exploded.

(She throws her hands up in the air and a pot plant explodes. She panics and the glass on the cupboards smash.)

Leo: This is the little problem I was telling you about.

Phoebe: Okay, Piper, slowly put your hands down and no one will get hurt.

(Piper puts her hands down.)

Piper: Honey!

Leo: Sweetie, it's gonna be okay, we're gonna figure it out.

(Leo walks over to her.)

Piper: No-no-no! Don't come near me, I don't want anybody to get hurt.

Prue: Okay, put these on. (Prue puts oven mitts on Piper's hands.) Maybe this will help. Put these on and... Okay, now try the teapot. Try the teapot. (Piper blows up the teapot.) Whoa! (Prue quickly pushes her hands down.) Okay, okay, it wasn't that bad.

Phoebe: Alright, just relax, okay, just calm down because I think your emotions are making this worse.

Leo: I'm gonna go check with the Elders, and see if they know what happened to your powers.

Piper: Hurry!

Prue: Hey, and ask them how we're supposed to... (Leo orbs out.) find the second witch.

(Cole shimmers in.)

Cole: I know where to find her.

Phoebe: Cole.

Cole: I didn't kill her, Phoebe. I swear.

(She goes over to him.)

Phoebe: It's okay, I know. We believe you. You don't look so good. Are you okay?

(She touches his face and he pulls her hand away.)

Cole: I'm not sure.

Phoebe: Come on.

(Cole and Phoebe walk into another room.)

Cole: What about the potion? How close are you?

Phoebe: Uh, we're just missing one ingredient, billings root, whatever that is. But as soon as I find it, then I can finish it.

Cole: Well, I don't have much time, I'm kinda hanging on by my fingertips as it is.

Phoebe: Well, you have to hold on a little longer.

Cole: Ay-ya-yay.

Phoebe: You can do it, Cole, I know you.

Cole: Raynor says he knows me too.

Phoebe: Cole, look at me. Look at me. (He looks at her.) You have to keep fighting it. You have to keep fighting him, you can not let him win.

Cole: But fighting is how he does win. Raynor's just waiting for me to slip so he can drag me back in the fold, I know that's what he's doing.

(She moves closer to him and touches his face.)

Phoebe: He can't have you. I won't let him.

Cole: Then save me, Phoebe. I've been ordered to kill the next witch. You have to get there first and stop me. Otherwise Raynor will win.

[Scene: Park. Seven witches are sitting in a circle, around a small fire.]

Witch: The birth and rebirth of all nature. The passing of winter and spring, we share in the life universal. Rejoice in the magical ring. I'll see you all next week. Blessed be.

All: Blessed be.

(They all stand up. Cole looks on from the bushes near by. Tarkin shimmers in beside him.)

Cole: What are you doing here?

Tarkin: Just watching your back.

Cole: Yeah, well, watching it's one thing, stabbing it's another.

Tarkin: What's the matter? Don't you trust me?

Cole: I don't trust anyone.

Tarkin: Never did. That's probably what made you so great. No legences, no conscience, no hesitation. (All the witches leave, except one.) You know what Raynor wants. Just give it to him. You'll feel better after you kill the witch.

(The witch kneels down and starts to pack up her stuff. She hears a noise.)

Witch: Who's there? (Cole comes out and changes into Belthazor. The witch stands up and holds out the amulet.) You can't hurt me.

(Belthazor walks towards the witch and the protective shield from the amulet surrounds her. Belthazor reaches through the shield. Prue, Piper and Phoebe arrive.)

Phoebe: Cole, don't!

Prue: Piper, freeze him.

Piper: I might blow him up.

(Prue uses her power on Belthazor. Phoebe runs over to the witch.)

Phoebe: It's okay, we're witches too. (Tarkin gets ready to throw an energy bolt.) Piper!

(Piper blows up a tree.)

Prue: Okay, that was good, that was, that-that was fine.

Tarkin: Kill them.

Phoebe: No.

(Belthazor throws an energy bolt at Phoebe and the witch. The amulet protects them and they are thrown into the bushes. Prue uses her power on Belthazor and he flies against a rock. Tarkin gets ready to throw an energy bolt and Prue uses her power on him. They stand up. Belthazor looks at Phoebe and then he and Tarkin shimmer out.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Prue, Piper, Phoebe and the witch walk in the living room.]

Piper: Leo!

Prue: Uh, he's our Whitelighter.

Phoebe: And our brother-in-law.

Piper: I don't know what is up with me. Every time I try to freeze, I flame.

Prue: Uh, Leo!

Phoebe: (holding her wounded arm) I'm fine, really, it's no big deal.

Piper: Phoebe, it's a huge deal, Cole tried to kill you.

Prue: He's the demon.

(The witch nods.)

Piper: And her boyfriend.

Phoebe: We have very complicated lives.

Witch: I'm just thrilled to meet you. I mean, I've heard of the Charmed Ones, of course, but I just thought I'd never dream I'd...

Prue: Nearly die with us? Yes, well, welcome to our lives.

Witch: You saved me, and the amulet. That's enough. (to Phoebe) May I? (She looks at Phoebe's arm.) Well, the wound isn't deep. A salve would cleanse it and ease the pain. Would you allow me entrance to your herb cupboard?

Prue: Kitchen, she means kitchen.

Piper: Hmm? Oh, right, sure, follow me.

(Piper points.)

Phoebe: Oh, hands down, hands down.

(Piper and the witch go into the kitchen.)

Prue: Come on, sit down, take it easy.

(They sit on the couch.)

Phoebe: I'm fine, Prue, really. And Cole would not try to kill me. He knew that the amulet would protect me. He could've fired at you or Piper but he didn't. With the other demon there, he made the only choice he could.

Prue: And you really believe that, right?

Phoebe: Yeah, I know it. I saw his eyes. They were filled with pain, not evil. Prue, we've gotta get him outta there before it's too late.

Prue: Alright, then we better figure out a way to finish that power stripping potion fast. Come on.

(Prue and Phoebe walk into the kitchen. The witch is mixing ingredients in a bowl.)

Piper: Check her out. Whipping it up like it's Tollhouse Cookies. Maybe after she fixes Phoebe she can fix me.

Prue: Piper, you don't need fixing.

Piper: Uh, if it's taking the Elders this long to tell Leo what's wrong with me, then I definitely need fixing.

Witch: (to Phoebe) This will feel a little warm.

(She spreads a paste on Phoebe's wound.)

Phoebe: That is amazing. It doesn't hurt at all. Hey, how are you at making potions?

Witch: Well, what do you need?

Prue: We need to de-tox a demon.

Phoebe: Yeah, we need something called billings root.

Witch: Well, you have that. It's on the bottom shelf.

(She takes a jar out of their cupboard.)

Phoebe: No, that's ginger.

Witch: Now that's what it's called. In the old covens they called it billings root.

Phoebe: Jenna, you have healed me twice. (She hugs Jenna.) Piper, do you think you can help Jenna with the potion? Just not point at anything.

Piper: Only one way to find out.

(Phoebe walks over and takes the keys off the hook.)

Prue: Hey, where are you going?

Phoebe: To get Cole back here. If I'm right about what I saw in his eyes, he'll go to the mausoleum.

Prue: And what if you're wrong?

Piper: Well, then he'll be back here with his buddy to get the amulet.

Phoebe: I'm not wrong. Cole's not the enemy. He's the victim. And I'm gonna save him.

(Phoebe leaves.)

[Scene: Cave in the underworld. Cole, Tarkin and Raynor are there.]

Raynor: How could you have failed? It was just one little witch.

Cole: No, it wasn't. The Charmed Ones were there, just like I warned you they might be.

Tarkin: We could have taken them.

Cole: We would have died. The amulet protected them.

Raynor: Which is exactly why I want it. What has happened to you, Belthazor? The witch's magic never would have stopped you before, you never would have given up. What's changed?

Cole: You know what? Let's just drop the pretences, okay? I'm tired of playing games. We both know what you're trying to do, it's not gonna work.

Raynor: Yeah?

Cole: You don't care about the amulet. You only care about turning me against Phoebe.

Raynor: How smart, and yet foolish enough to fall in love.

Cole: Loving her is the best thing that's ever happened to me. You can destroy me, but you can't change that.

Raynor: After all that I've taught you and all that I've given you, you're willing to give it all up for a witch?

Cole: I'm not gonna kill for you, Raynor. Not anymore.

Raynor: Not even for your father's soul?

(A bright glowing ball appears in Raynor's hand. Cole goes for Raynor but Tarkin holds him back with a knife up to his neck.)

Tarkin: Settle, brother.

Cole: How did you get that? The Source?

Raynor: I'll promise to free him if you've fulfilled your end of the bargain. You kill the witch, come back and finish your obligations, and you and your father will both be free. (Cole shimmers out.) All that separates us from getting him back are a few drops of innocent blood, and they're about to be spilled.

[Cut to the mausoleum. Phoebe is pacing up and down. Cole shimmers in.]

Phoebe: Cole. Surprised to see me?

Cole: I hoped but why'd you come after what I did?

Phoebe: Because you need me. Besides, it's not like you haven't tried to kill me before. A little energy ball isn't going to stop me.

Cole: You know, I didn't have a choice, I didn't mean to hurt you.

Phoebe: I know, I know, I know, it's okay. I just need to get you back to the house, get that potion and you will be safe.

Cole: It's too late for that.

(Cole coughs.)

Phoebe: What do you mean? (Cole's hand changes into Belthazor's hand. His face starts to change.) We have to hurry.

Cole: Maybe I should shimmer us there.

Phoebe: You can't use your demonic powers, it's too much temptation. We'll just drive there.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Prue, Piper and Jenna are there. Piper and Jenna are making the potion while Prue searches through the Book of Shadows.]

Jenna: Shake water vigorously for two hundred heartbeats. Then add a pinch of dandelion and a dash of chickweed.

(Piper pours some water into a jar.)

Prue: You're using bottled water?

Piper: For Cole, the purer the better. (She screws the lid on. Prue reaches for it.) I got it.

Prue: Okay.

Piper: Time me. (Prue reaches for the jar.) I got it. (Piper shakes the jar while Prue looks at her watch.) Leo should have been back by now. It must mean my powers are screwed forever. They're punishing me.

Jenna: You're a fulfillment of a great prophecy. Why punish you?

Piper: Oh, forgery. Wanting to have a normal life. Getting pissed off. By next week I'll be walking around like Carrie at the prom.

Jenna: I think that's enough shaking.

(Jenna takes the jar off of Piper. Leo orbs in.)

Piper: Leo! Where the hell have you been?

Prue: (to Piper) Hi, easy, remember, breathe, okay? Leo, Jenna the innocent, Jenna, Leo the Whitelighter.

Leo: Hi. (They shake hands.)

Piper: Leo, why are my powers so wonky?

Leo: They're not, they're advancing. Uh, turns out your powers work by slowing down molecules, and apparently now you can speed them up as well.

Piper: Okay, but why now? Couldn't they have picked a better time?

Prue: Hey, okay, don't look a gift power in the mouth. That one kicks ass and we may need it sooner than you think.

(She walks over to the Book of Shadows.)

Piper: Why?

Prue: Because when the two amulets are joined together, only this spell can activate their power. This spell.

(Piper and Leo walk over.)

Piper: What does that mean?

Prue: It means if the brotherhood wants to actually use the amulets, they're gonna have to come here for the spell.

Jenna: But I was told that evil couldn't use the amulets.

Prue: Maybe they figured out a way.

(Phoebe and Cole walk in.)

Phoebe: Hey.

(Cole sits in a chair.)

Prue: You look like hell.

Cole: You have no idea.

Phoebe: Is the potion done?

Jenna: It still has to cool and turn blood red.

Piper: I'll get some ice.

Prue: Oh, uh, I'll help. So you don't melt it. (Prue and Piper walk out of the attic and down the stairs.) Well, look on the bright side, at least you got a new power. I mean, you've been bitching about it long enough.

Piper: Yeah, well, careful what you bitch for.

(Tarkin shimmers in. Piper uses her power and breaks the pot plant.)

Prue: Uh... (Tarkin throws an energy ball at them and Prue deflects it with her power. She goes over and kicks him in the stomach, then his head, then his stomach. He flies against the wall.) Try again!

(Piper uses her power and a shelf falls on top of Prue, knocking her unconscious.)

Piper: Oops. (Tarkin gets up.) Phoebe, help! (She hits Tarkin over the head with a vase.) Phoebe! Phoebe, help! (Phoebe stands at the top of the stairs.) Watch out! (Tarkin throws an energy ball at Phoebe and she jumps over, landing on some furniture.) Oh, please, please, please. (She uses her power and Tarkin explodes.) I did it! (Phoebe gets up.) I did it!

Phoebe: Very good.

Piper: Of course I meant to freeze him. Are you alright?

Phoebe: I am, thanks to you.

Piper: I don't think Prue's gonna be quite as grateful.

Phoebe: Wake her up, I've gotta get back to Cole.

(Phoebe goes upstairs.)

Piper: Um...

[Cut to the attic. The potion, sitting in a chalice, turns blood red.]

Jenna: (to Leo) It's ready.

(Raynor shimmers in and throws an energy ball at Leo. He is knocked unconscious. Jenna gasps. She turns to Raynor and holds her amulet.)

Cole: Leave her out of this, Raynor.

Jenna: I serve with every breath, even my last.

Raynor: I'll have to take you up on that. But I think I'll save that pleasure for my brother.

(Raynor throws an energy ball at Jenna. The amulet protects her, but she still gets thrown back into some boxes. She falls to the floor and the amulet falls off her neck. Phoebe gets to the top of the stairs and tries to open the door but Raynor has blocked it.)

Phoebe: Cole? (She bangs on the door.)

Raynor: I've come to take you home.

Cole: I am home.

Phoebe: Cole!

Raynor: You will be when you kill the witch. Stop fighting it, Belthazor. You're a demon. Embrace it. Let evil make you strong again, give into it.

Phoebe: (from outside) Cole? Leo?

Raynor: The rage in you is raising but it's not me you want to kill. It's her. Do it, for yourself.

Cole: No.

Phoebe: Cole, open up the door, let me in.

(Prue comes up behind her and uses her power on the door. It opens up a bit. Phoebe looks through the crack.)

Raynor: Is she really worth sacrificing your father's soul for?

Phoebe: Cole, no, don't do it.

(Cole yells and he changes into Belthazor. He throws an energy ball at Jenna. She disappears. Raynor shimmers out.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Continued from before. Prue, Piper and Phoebe get inside. Prue and Piper run over to Leo. Phoebe stares at Belthazor.]

Belthazor: Phoebe.

Piper: What did you do to him?

(Belthazor changes back into Cole.)

Phoebe: I saw what you did.

Cole: It's not what it looks like. It wasn't...

Phoebe: Jenna is dead, and Leo is unconscious. What else could it be?

Cole: Raynor forced me, I had no choice.

Phoebe: There's always a choice, Cole.

(Cole sees the potion.)

Cole: The potion. (He reaches for it but Phoebe grabs if before he can.) Before it's too late.

Phoebe: It's already too late. You killed an innocent woman. There is no turning back from that.

Cole: I didn't wanna kill her. You've gotta understand that, I can still be good.

Phoebe: There's nothing good in you anymore.

Prue: Maybe there never was. You have to read the spell to activate the amulets, right? I mean, Cole, maybe that was your plan all along, to get the book.

Piper: But evil can't use the amulets or the book.

Phoebe: He could've if we'd stripped his powers. Is that why you wanted the potion, Cole? So you could get the spell and use the amulets against us?

Cole: Phoebe, you've gotta believe me.

Piper: I think she's believed you one too many times.

Cole: Stay out of this! This is between me and her.

Phoebe: There's nothing between us anymore.

Cole: Phoebe, don't let Raynor take this away from us, don't let him win.

Phoebe: Raynor didn't set you up, you se me up. What am I supposed to do?

Cole: Please, save me.

Phoebe: Save yourself.

(She throws the potion on the floor. Cole shimmers out.)

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Piper is repotting the plant. Prue walks in.]

Piper: Sorry about knocking you out. Nothing personal.

(Prue picks up some books.)

Prue: Yeah, well, at least you didn't blow me up.

Piper: Yeah, I was kinda relieved too.

Prue: Piper, the control will come.

Piper: Mm-hmm. Yeah, tell that to the Ficus.

Prue: Well, you sure told it to Tarkin.

Piper: That was kinda cool.

Prue: So, see, we can celebrate. You know, I mean, you got a new power and you beat a demon with it.

Piper: I wish I could've done more. For Jenna, and Cole. I mean, vanquishing one bad guy and losing three good guys is not exactly a winning score.

Prue: Yeah, so we are still counting Cole as good, right?

Piper: Yeah, I mean, I actually finally understand how he feels, having something inside of you that you can't control, which is capable of hurting the people that you love even if you don't want it to.

(Phoebe walks in holding three candles.)

Phoebe: Oh, I'm sorry guys. I didn't mean to stick you with the morning after clean up.

Piper: How you doing?

Phoebe: I'm not sure.

(She sits down on the couch and places the candles on the coffee table.)

Prue: Well, you have a lot to sort out.

Phoebe: No, not really. I lost my soul mate to evil, end of story.

Piper: Pheebs, I think he really tried but...

Phoebe: It wasn't enough. I wasn't enough. I thought we could do a blessing for our two fallen witches, and for Cole.

(Prue and Piper kneel in front of the table. Phoebe lights a match and hands it to Prue.)

Prue: For Liza, a lost sister, may her spirit sore.

(She lights a candle, then hands the match to Piper.)

Piper: For Jenna, our lost friend, may we meet again.

(She lights a candle and hands the match to Phoebe.)

Phoebe: For Cole, a lost love. (She lights the candle.) May he find peace.

(She blows out the match. Leo walks in.)

Leo: Piper, we're going... (He sees what they're doing.) to have plenty of time to talk later.

Phoebe: No, that's okay, Leo. We could actually use some good news, and it seems like you have some.

Leo: Well, I don't have news but I do have a passport.

(He shows it to them. Piper gasps. Prue holds Piper's hands down.)

Piper: You went back?

Leo: Yeah, well, I was thinking with everything that's happened and you're new power, making life a little crazy, alright, crazier, I figured the least I could do is make it somewhat normal.

Piper: Are you sure?

Leo: Anything that it takes to get you on a plane to Paris.

Piper: Ah, you know what? I think we should wait on that. (She goes over to him.) I wouldn't want to sneeze at 40,000 feet and have a whole bunch of people explode, that would be bad.

(She kisses him.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Cave in the underworld. Cole shimmers in.]

Raynor: I knew you'd come back, I've been waiting for you.

Cole: My father's soul, where is it?

(The bright glowing ball appears in Raynor's hand. Cole carefully takes if off him.)

Raynor: Of course, now that you're evil, what can you do with it?

Cole: That's not your concern.

Raynor: True. You're my only concern.

Cole: How'd you get me to do it? A spell?

Raynor: Does it really matter? But you enjoyed it, didn't you, killing the witch?

Cole: Not as much as I'm going to enjoy this. (He stabs Raynor in the stomach.) You killed Phoebe's love for me. Now I'm gonna watch you die.

Raynor: I feel your heart, it's racing even as mine slows. You're enjoying this, I can feel it. (Cole digs the knife in deeper.) This is what I hoped for. Your inner-demonic nature finally showing itself for all its glory. (Cole pushes him away.) You're truly evil now, Belthazor. Welcome home.

(Raynor falls to his knees. Fire surrounds him and he disappears. Cole kneels on the ground.)