Executioner Demons are low-level demons who often work as mercenaries for more powerful upper-level demons. They are noted as being incapable of original thought or deed, implying they possess a very low intelligence.


In order to obtain the legendary sword, Excalibur, the Dark Knight hired a group of Executioners. When confronting the Lady of the Lake, these demons engaged in combat with Phoebe and Paige and were vanquished with their own weapons.

One Executioner demon captured a Dwarf and brought him in for questioning. However, the Dwarf punched him in the testicles and managed to escape.

When the Dark Knight returned to the head executioner, he demanded better murderers. The head demon simply replied that the Dark Knight needed a higher class of executioners, with the cost being a seat at the round table. Later, the head executioner shimmered into the attic with the Dark Knight and two lower executioners. After a short battle, they were all vanquished by Piper wielding Excalibur.

Book of Shadows[]

BOS Executioner Demons

the entry in the Book of Shadows

Executioner Demons[]

Minions of a low order,
demonic mercenaries
incapable of original
thoughts or deed.
Usually found in the
employ of higher level
demons or mortals
proficient in dark arts.
Vanquishable with own
weapons or a spectrum
of Valerian potions



Executioner Demons appeared in 1 episode throughout the course of the series.