A page seen in a book within the ghostly Time Loop. Phoebe used it to travel back to her own realm.[1]



The entry.

Escape from the Ordinary
The Five Card Spread
— useful in determining a course of action —
Instructions: Place the five card,
face up in the shape of a box.
Card 1: The Magician
Card 2: The Chariot
Card 3: Two of Wands
Card 4: Eight of Pentacle
Card 5: Death
This spread works best if while playing the
cards, you concentrate on your potential
course of action within the situation, card
5 shows the desired results - in this case, a
change from one world to another. When the
cards are placed, speak the following: "Vita
Brevis Abraxis!"


  1. Season 7 episode, "Show Ghouls"