Eric Lohman was a reporter who worked for the Bay Weekly.


Eric saw Prue Halliwell using her powers in the park prior to her friend's son, David Hatcher, being kidnapped by a grimlock. After witnessing this, he approached Prue to convince her to help him with his story, but she refused. Next he approached Andy Trudeau to talk about Prue and accused him of covering for her, telling him she had magical powers in the process. He left when Andy refused to comment.

Later he attempted to trick Prue and Piper into using their powers so he could videotape it by pushing an empty baby stroller into oncoming traffic. He managed to catch Piper's purse instantaneously switching from her right to her left shoulder and told the girls about it in hopes of convincing them to give him a tell all exclusive. He was killed by a grimlock after following Prue and Phoebe into the storm drains, his tape taken by Prue.


Lohman was known to be a cunning reporter who would do anything, including coming up with schemes, for his goals. Even after Prue warned him not to follow them into the sewers, he lied and followed immediately after.


Eric Lohman appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.